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Weddings with a wow factor sign taken at Wellbeing Farm Edgworth Bolton Summer Wedding photography at Wellbeing Farm Edgworth Bolton

I started my journey to the Wellbeing farm on a beautiful blue sky summer morning. This quirky wedding venue is situated on the Plantation Road in Edgworth, Bolton. The Wellbeing Farm is actually named The Wheatsheaf Hill Farm but is now better known as a quirky wedding venue, called “Wellbing Farm”. I began the day by meeting the Groom Andy in his room at a large hotel near to the Wellbeing Farm.

Bridal hair and make up

The bride and groom both stayed at a hotel near Bolton the night prior. Katherine and her maid of honour enjoyed having their hair and makeup professionally done over a glass of Dom Perignon vintage champagne, whilst Andy changed into a designer suit – and special monogrammed wedding undies with sheep on, to honour the Wellbeing Farm.

Travel to the Wellbeing Farm by vintage bus

The couple had organised a vintage bus to chauffeur guests to the Wellbeing Farm, provided by the Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company. I travelled on the first bus in order to await the bride’s arrival; not to be deterred by a bit of mud, many of my fellow travellers wore designer wedding outfits. As we reached the Plantation Road and the Wellbeing Farm came into view I shot some frames through the bus windows. Due to it being such a gorgeous summer’s day, very high shutter speeds were needed to prevent the images from overexposing; most were taken at 1/8000th of a second, to give you an idea of how bright and sunny it was.

The arrival of the bride at Wellbeing Farm in Lancashire

By the time Katherine’s bus rumbled along the Plantation Road, to Wellbeing Farm, I had selected a location from which to capture natural unposed photographs of the bridal party’s arrival. On one of the sunniest days I have ever experienced throughout my wedding photography career, the three young bridesmaids’ blue and white dresses perfectly matched the sky. Katherine, meanwhile, looked phenomenal in an elegant white satin and lace gown.
The ceremony was to take place in the quirky barn, where guests were to sit on wooden benches and straw bales decorated in the wedding colour scheme of navy and pale blue. Andy was waiting for the arrival of his love at the top of the aisle.
The civil ceremony was conducted by the registrars of Bolton, along with the giving and receiving of rings joining Katherine and Andy together into wedlock.

Everybody enjoying the summer sunshine at the Wellbeing Farm

With the wedding vows completed and the two lovers man and wife, it was time to enjoy drinks and canapés outside in the sun at Wellbeing Farm. Guests were joined by donkeys and lamas, and some of the gents found the farm’s peddle cars which provided some fun and dynamic images. The couple had thought of everything to make this a fun wedding, bringing along space hoppers to have races on and even giant bubble sets for the children.
With the permission of the farmer we guided the newlyweds into an adjoining field for some romantic couples’ portraits. However, in my haste to secure the all-important wedding images onto the memory card for the couple’s wedding album, I made a fatal mistake. Keen for an elevated view to best capture the couple against a gorgeous sunset backdrop, I clambered up a mound of what I believed to be soil. Unfortunately, the mound suddenly collapsed beneath me and I sank to my knees in cow poo! My Canon very nearly landed in there, too.
Needless to say I disposed of my socks and shoes, but had no choice but to hose down my trousers and continue. Katherine was so concerned and lovely, bless her. The joys of being a Manchester wedding photographer…
What a fantastic day this was. Congratulations to Katherine and Andy, and thank you for inviting me to capture this fantastic summer wedding at Wellbeing Farm. I will never forget it – and I doubt the whiff will ever come out of my trousers. Take a look at a Christmas Wedding at Wellbeing farm Joanna & Camerons Wedding.


The tieing of the all important tie to finish the wedding regalia, in the grooms bedroom before his big day at Wellbeing Farm

The Grooms wedding shoes for later in the celebrations at Wellbeing Farm.

Checking the coachwork and ribbon on the wedding transport for the guests onward journey to Wellbing Farm in Edgworth.

The wedding nerves as the groom has a cigarette with one of his friends, before he gets on the wedding transport to The Wellbeing Farm.

A cute liitle wedding guest in a large sun hat.

A final check of the Grooms outfit and carnation button hole by his Mum before he leaves for the wedding venue The Wellbeing Farm..

A few drinks with the Boys in Groom preperations.

A very nice wedding outfit on one of the guests as they board the bus to Wellbeing Farm..

The Groom enjoying a moment with his best man on route to the wedding venue and the "Walk to change his life" an to marry his love Katherine at Wellbeing Farm.

The Journey to the wedding venue Wellbeing Farm and the welcome sign comes into view in the bus window.

A bus load of wedding guests arriving in style in the Yorkshire Herritage vintage bus to the Wellbeing farm in Bolton.

A nice colourfull wedding hat on show with matching outfit as guests arrive at the Wellbeing Farm.

The couple had organised a vintage bus to chauffeur guests to the Wellbeing Farm, provided by the Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company.featureing in this colourfull image.

Weddings with a wow factor at Wellbeing Farm the driveway up to Wheatshef Farm AKA the Wellbeing Farm, Edgworth, Bolton, Lancashire.

A photo of the Grooms jacket with his carnation on a chair due to the very hot temperatures on the day, taken in the ceremony room at Wellbeing Farm.

Blue Flowers and a matching blue dress on a prity flower girl as she arrives for the wedding at Wellbeing Farm.

Her comes the bride the arrival of the Bride in a natural black and white timeless imageas she enters the main barn at Wellbeing Farm.

The Bride looking phenomenal in an elegant white satin and lace gown. holding her bouquet at the top of the aisle as she says her vows at the quirky wedding venue, The Wellbeing Farm.

"Say after me" Do you take this man to be your lawfull wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness in health, for richer for poorer, till death us part. "i I do" a image of the couple saying their vows in the service.

The civil ceremony was conducted by the registrars of Bolton, along with the giving and receiving of rings joining Katherine and Andy together into wedlock here at Wellbeing Farm, in this colour photo.

One of the Flower girls with the couple after the ceremony on the Vintage Bus, as they sip the Wellbeing Farm famous wedding cocktail.

Enjoying the Dom perignom vintage champagne, outside the Wheatshef barn at Wellbeing farm.

A reflection in one of the guests sunglasses of another wedding guest, in the Summer Sun at wellbeing Farm on Plantation road.

Enjoying the canapés some of the fantastic food provided by the wedding catering at the Wellbeing Farm.

Page boys playing bubbles in the bright sunshine after the saying of the solumn vows on the green grass at Wellbeing Farm.

Giant games on the grass to help celebrate the wedding of Katherine & Andy, for all the guests to enjoy at Wellbeing Farm.

The donkeys from Wellbeing Farm in the image taken naturaly without poseing.

Wedding outfits and fascinators on display, the guests enjoying a drink in the sunshine on this glorious day, one of the best sunny days I have ever photographed a wedding at Wellbeing Farm.

Hand in hand as they start lifes journey toghter as Mr & Mrs the proud owners of their wedding certificate of marridge, at the newly weds enter the wedding breakfast here at Wellbeing Farm.

The entrance of the new couple as the Toastmaster announces the new lovebirds at the start of the meal from the kichens at Wellbeing Farm.

The Top table at the wedding breakfast at a summerwedding at Wellbeing Farm

A natural moment in the speeches a toast to the happy couple by the best man .

A photographic memory of the wedding day a full colour image taken at 1-8000th of a second to give the correct exposure on the cameras sensor in the summer sunshine at Wellbeing Farm.

The best man with his button hole in the left lapel matching the the wedding colour scheme, as he rides a fun go kart at Wellbeing Farm.

Fun and Games in the bright sunshine at wellbeing farm, as the groomsmen have some fun.

One off the Groomsmen looking dapper in his morning suit, rideing a pedal cat at the Wellbeing Farm.

One of the wedding guests signing the couples wedding day snap book a wedding keepsake from their day at the Wellbeing Farm.

A romantic stroll after the couple had declared there love, in the civil ceremony, to join them in matrimony at the Wellbeing Farm.

After cutting the wedding cake a the couple went for a walk in the farm Fields at sunset arround the Wellbing Farm.

A photograph taken in a field near Wellbeing Farm, with the permission of the farmer we guided the newlyweds into an adjoining field for some romantic couples portraits.

The couple at sunset in Edgworth a tree in the background with green farm fields from the Wellbeing farm arround them.

A private moment with the couple for some relaxed portrait photography taken on Plantation road outside Wellbeing farm Gate, one for the wedding Album.

Katherine and her maid of honour enjoy the Wellbeing farms facilities.

The newly weds and one of the bridesmaids in evening dress for the evening knees up.

Fun and celebrations racing space hoppers on the field at Wellbeing farm.

The smooch dance as the couple enjoy the music taken on a Canon 5D mk 4 and processed to a black and white image file. one for the wedding album, here from Wellbeing Farm.

The loving couple in deep embrace on the dance floor in their first dance as Man and Wife at Wellbeing Farm.

The Bride and her friends enjoying the dance floor,with the dj playing the latest hit music to dance the night away.

The evening draws in the the wedding celebrations last long into the night, a photo of the Wellbeing farm building at dusk.

I love wedding photography at Wellbeing Farm

What a fantastic venue the Wellbeing farm is, If you are looking at the wellbeing farm as your venue. Get in touch to see if I am available, I am a relaxed photographer who takes natural unposed wedding photography. Nothing is staged or set up, you just be you, enjoy your day knowing I am there to capture it, and then deliver all those special moments back to you as precious digital images that you will remember long after your wedding day.

Christmas wedding photography at wellbeing farm. My latest wedding at the farm venue with a wow factor.



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