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The confetti being thrown in the reciveing line outside

Wedding photography at Wellbeing Farm

Wedding photography time at Wellbeing farm, the date 22nd of December and Christmas is around the corner. Furthermore, Joanna and Camerons winter wedding was at the whimsical wedding venue Wellbeing Farm. The wedding venue that produces wedding photography with a wow factor. As you arrive into the main barn you are dazzled by Christmas lighting. A huge Christmas tree with LED Christmas lighting everywhere. these will add a nice orange glow to the image files. Joanna & Cameron’s wedding photography started for me at the Wheatsheaf barn as I waited for the groom to arrive at 12am for a ceremony at 1.30pm

Wheatsheaf  barn wedding photography drinks reception

All the family and friends gathered in the Wheatsheaf Barn drinks reception at Wellbeing farm. Sipping prosecco and gin cocktails. Natural wedding photography is what the couple wanted. Wedding photography formals were not even considered. Just candid wedding photography. I took quite a lot of frames here in the Wellbeing Farms Wheatsheaf Barn unposed in colour with the odd black and white in the editing suite.

Wedding photographer delivering natural moments in time frozen forever

Wedding photography for me is delivering natural frozen moments in time back to the couple. Photographic moments they never knew happened until they get the J peg image file in the gallery of wedding photography. A wedding photograph staged is not natural so I don’t do it. I never pose you, I photograph the moment, the fun, the laughter, never ever interfering.

No formal wedding photography at Wellbeing Farm

No formal wedding photography at Wellbeing Farm.  The couple did not want any formal photos or bridal preparations photos. So I captured the first image of Joanna’s white dress getting out of the Rolls Royce wedding limousine here at Wellbeing Farm. Dad looked dapper in his blue suite, as he escorted his daughter, wedding bouquet in hand to her future husband Cameron. Ceremony room wedding photography, I was now waiting with my wedding camera at the top of the aisle with my flash as the three bridesmaids walked to the ceremony room to the waiting celebrant to conduct the wedding service. Oh and my wedding camera, no frame is ever staged or posed, just 100 percent natural wedding photography.

Journalistic style wedding photography at Wellbeing Farm

Journalistic wedding photography, another way of telling a wedding story in pictures. The couples wedding was arranged by the Wellbeing farms wedding coordinator. The coordinator announced man and wife as they entered their wedding breakfast, and the first speech. The meal finished with one hundred guests singing Queens Bohemian rhapsody. A new camera battery was needed, as frame after frame hit the cameras image sensor.

Get the flash out for dance floor wedding photos

I love dance floor action photos at weddings, I set my flash to a quarter power, so not to kill the ambient light. The couples first dance was to the seven piece New York Brass Band. Then the guests filled the dance floor, as the band played on. Add even less flash power, drag the shutter and produce some light trail dance floor photos to end my wedding photography here at Wellbeing Farm.

Welcome sign to Wellbeing farm in this scene setting photo taken on Plantation road Edgworth.Beautiful Christmas decorations in the main barn.A guest enjoying fun and laughter in pre reception cocktails.The arrival of the bride in a vintage Rolls Royce.A natural photo of a beautiful bride and her Mum as they arrive for her wedding at this quirky wedding venue.Father escorting his daughter down the aisle at a Christmas wedding at Wellbeing Farm.A black and white image full of highlights and shadow depicting a wedding gown in lace here at Wellbeing Farm Christmas 2018.Reciting the vows "do you take this man to be your lawfull wedded husband"Mother and father in the background as the couple say their vows in the ceremony room at the Wellbeing Farm.The back of the white wedding gown worn by Joanna the Christmas bride of the day at Wellbeing Farm Bolton Lancashire.A wide angle photo in black and white taken as the celebrant announces ythey are Man & Wife inside the ceremony Barn at Wellbeing Farm..Two became one as they walk down the aisle as Man & Wife at the Wellbeing Farm Christmas wedding photography by Simon Croot.Huggs for the bride in the reception line at wellbeing farm.Fascinators as worn by two wedding quests at Wellbeing Farm vedding venue Bolton in Greater Manchester.Three generations in this wedding photo taken as Grandma enjoys a moment with her daughter in reception cocktails at Wellbeing Farm.The wedding guests grabbing the the snow confetti to throw outside the Wheatsheaf Barn here at Wellbeing Farm.A white lace wedding gown covered in snow confetti as the guest greet the newly weds outside at this quirky wedding venue called Wellbeing Farm.A romantic walk outside Wellbeing Farm for a couple who have just tied the knott.The Bride holding her wedding dress train up and the groom in his wedding kilt, in a black and white image outside in fresh air in Edgworth at whimsical wedding venue the Wellbeing Farm on Plantation road Edgworth.The Groom looking dapper as he escorts his new wife to the wedding breakfast at Wellbeing Farm in this mono chrome image. A group shot posed by a wedding guest to be taken on their phone in reception drinks inside the wheatshef Barn at Wellbeing FarmA Llame in the background, bride in the foreground wedding guest takeing her selfie in centre frame at Wellbeing Farm.Highlighting the wedding dress in this black and white image taken as the christmas bride is unaware at the Wellbeing farm.Wellbeing Farm Christmas wedding decorations in the foreground and the happy couple in the background.in this full colour image.The newly weds being announced by the wedding co-ordinator to the wedding breakfast at Wellbeing farm.A black facinator a blue cocktail dress a nice wedding outfit taken here at Wellbeing Farm Bolton.A Grandmother shows of her young pageboy Nephew to wedding guests here at wellbeing Farm.A wedding outfit and a toast to the bride and groom in the speeches at a Christmas wedding here at Wellbeing Farm..The guests singing Bohemian rapsody after the end of the best mans speech at Wellbeing Farm..Fun and laughter in the speaches caght on the cameras image sensor with a bit of ETTL flash to correct the exposure here at Wellbeing Farm.A wide angle shot showing the long top table featureing clapping wedding guests as they toast to the bride and groom in the reception room at Wellbeing Farm..Two guests featureing in this photo danceing to the band with gin cocktails on the dance floor at Wellbeing farm.The couples first dance to the New York brass band at Wellbeing Farm taken in portrate orientation of the camera and in black and white. Dance floor action with a hint of flash to preserve the ambient party lighting here at Wellbeing Farm Bolton Lancashire.A wedding cocktail and a kiss for the couple as the New York brass band play hit after hit at the Wellbeing Farm at Christmas..A natural photo taken at the evening reception at wellbeing farm with decorations for Christmas in the background.Evening reception photo our guests dancing at this whimsical wedding venue provideing dance floor wedding photography with a Wellbeing farm wedding wow factor.A lady danceing at the Wellbeing Farm with the New York Brass Band Playing in the reception background.Documentary wedding photography from a Christmas wedding at wellbeing Farm featureing a beautiful red wedding outfit.

Thankyou Cameron & Joanna for asking me to be your wedding photographer, I enjoyed the day. What a nice way to spend my birthday. Take a look at a summer wedding from Wellbeing farm. Get intouch with me to find my availability. My other wedding photography is here in my wedding blog.



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