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Wellbeing Farm wedding photography

Stunning wedding photography created for couples at the wedding venue called Wellbeing Farm. The Wellbeing farm is in Bolton Lancashire on Plantation road. Colour or black and white photography can feature in the artistic composition and final delivered image to the newly weds. The Farm is full of photographic features, to add both foreground and background interest to feature in the bride and grooms wedding photography.

The Wellbeing farm in Edgworth Bolton has lots of focal points to aid your photographic composition. Because the owner Celia Gaze has created a venue with fun wedding photography in mind. Its quirkiness is generated from hours of scouring on ebay by owner Celia, for objects to focus on. Making photographic imagery a joy to compose and create here at this quirky wedding venue with a wow factor.


First wedding photograph taken at Wellbeing Farm 5th July 2014

The very first wedding photograph was taken at the farm on 5th of July 2014. Because the Wellbeing farm is the home of weddings with a wow factor. Many perspective brides living in the Bolton Lancashire area, choose this as a wedding venue. I have visited the Farm as a professional wedding photographer, a few times now. Take a look at “Summer wedding photography at wellbeing Farm”  Katherine & Andy’s betrothal. Or a Christmas Winter wedding full of warmth and fairy lights in the background. A very photogenic couple, Joanna & Camerons wedding.

Wedding photo booth with llamas alpacas and donkeys

Real life wedding photo booth with a llama. Its a fantastic addition to your wedding photography. The alpacas, llamas, and donkeys arrive as guests, a become real life models for your wedding photo booth. Because the animals are suited and booted wearing dickie bows. Formal wedding attire for your four legged wedding guests. Escorted by the Wellbeing Farms staff, posing as a wedding usher for a real life wedding Photo Booth with a difference.

Photography in the wedding pavilion or Indian tipi at Wellbeing Farm

New since my last visit as a wedding photographer to the wellbeing farm. There is now a wedding pavilion. Heated too, for the bride and groom. offering cover for the signing of the marriage certificate with the registrar’s from Darwin Council. The pavilion has a background with stunning countryside views across the Lancashire hills. wedding photography creative flash images spring to mind here for the couple.

Relax in the Indian tipi as the kadia fire-bowl can offer interesting photographic light in the evening, as the flames dance in the kadia.

Bar ‘O’ llama wedding cocktail photos at Wellbeing Farm

Bar O llama wedding cocktails photos, what better location for them than, Bar ‘O’ Llama. Because the wellbeing farm has added a quirky cocktail bar. A converted horse box. A summer wedding,  blue sky sipping pims or a gin cocktail, another candid photo location here. Perfect for a documentary wedding photographer to snap away for the wedding album.





I love the Wellbeing Farm, take a look at my wedding portfolio  from this fantastic quirky wedding venue. Get in touch to find out my availability I would love to be your wedding photographer. Wedding blog posts from Wellbeing Farm. A Summer Wedding at Wellbeing farm.  A Christmas wedding at Wellbeing Farm 




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