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Here is a short post on how I produce a wedding gallery and music slideshow for this wedding. In part of this process, I produce a short highlight film set to music – this wedding photography slideshow is only three to four minites long and it is full of joy and emotion from their wedding day. I delivered it to my clients, but what happened next was a surprise. My Clients actually filmed themselves watching their slideshow for the first time and emailed it to me back in Manchester. A fantastic endorsement to add to my wedding photography business. Here is the short film.


Black and White wedding photography


Photographers first job producing a back up copy

As a wedding photographer, my first task in dealing with your precious wedding photos, is to produce a back up copy of the image files from my cameras SD and CF cards. My camera has two card slots to save each shutter activation, both cards simultaneously back each other up in case of failure. These cards are first backed to my remote hard drive for the journey home from your wedding venue. This hard drive/digital image gallery is capable of storing thousands of photos in the format of raw Canon CRO data files.

Three copys of your wedding image files to my home studio in Manchester

I now have my wedding cameras SD and CF cards in my pocket with the images on. I also have the images safe on the hard drive in my car boot before I head home to Manchester. Thats now three copys, I normaly do most of this while you enjoy your wedding breakfast. Once I’m at home and in my studio, I then plug the hard drive into my photo editing computer and let it back up again while I get a good nights sleep.

Photo Mechanic to Adobe’s lightroom in the culling stage.

The day after the wedding, I will look at the images and cull the images to find all the keepers in photo mechanic – a speedy image viewer and digitol file re naming software. These photos files are all still large and uncompressed raw data for ultimate quality. Lightroom takes over from here for the editing process. I will then personaly ajust the exposure and colour temperature. Along with doging and burning the highlights and shadow areas in each image, I like adding my unique image colour profile too. The images are now ready for delivery.

Delivery of Images to clients gallery plus a musical slideshow.

In my photography package, I offer free download of your wedding photography from my private clients image gallery. I also supply a slide show set to your favourite music track. Personally its my favourite part of the wedding edit, I love music, the best part for me is setting these beautiful images to your chosen music choice.  I always deliver my slideshow first then following this, I release the password for the private image gallery for the couple to download there wedding photography.

What came next was a surprise!

Sometimes you don’t hear anything from your clients, sometimes you do, but most importantly, I want my clients to be delighted with their wedding photography. I always contact the newlyweds to check they have downloaded their photos, and if they had watched their slideshow. To my surprise, they said no as they were very busy at work, and that they were planning to watch it at the weekend.

A few days later, after delivering the slideshow, the suprise arrived! Chantell and Lisa had kindly sent me this short film, which is featured for you to view. They had filmed themselves and their reaction to my wedding photography slideshow as they watched for the first time. I think it says it all. Please contact me to see if I am free to be your photographer, I would love to hear from you.

Here is the link to there reaction to the wedding highlights slide show on first watching it.



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