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A full colour photo featureing two gay brides in the Yorkshire countryside.

A short drive from Manchester to a same sex, wedding in Yorkshire

A short drive for me from Manchester over the M62, to Chantell and Lisa’s same sex wedding Sowerby Bridge Yorkshire. I recall the day that I was contacted by Chantell and Lisa, when they enquired about my availability to photograph their wedding.

Wow …what a breath of fresh air they were! These ladies were excitedly planning their same sex wedding, now having the freedom to do so along with others in the LGBT community since the dawn of marriage equality. The words ‘marriage equality’ refers to a status in which the marriages of same-sex couples and the marriages of opposite-sex couples are recognised as equal by the law. 

The words ‘wedding’ and ‘marriage’ embraces ‘love’, and the fact that two people love and respect each other and promise to devote themselves to each other regardless of their sexual preference is a good thing. Oh.. and on a lighter note, one of the best days of their life. A day when newlyweds share wonderful things together such as; a champagne reception with friends and family along with a wedding breakfast and evening reception party of their own design. 

Double Bridal preparations at a wedding

The double bridal preparations were at a local B & B. 

Here below, are some of the fantastic image files in ‘mono tone’ (black and white) and also in full colour. 

The two Brides had separate rooms, keeping their bridal preparations hidden from each other. Their beautiful individual ivory wedding gowns kept secret from their future partner in life, until the time they met at the top of the aisle at their wedding ceremony. 

Chantell is herself a Wedding Celebrant, and because of this she was personally able, along with her future wife, to write the words, vows and promises of the wedding ceremony. Therefore their words for their wedding ceremony were lovingly crafted together by both Brides. Of course Chantell could not conduct her own ceremony, so the proudly gay couple employed the services of Sonia to officiate and conduct the ceremony for them. 

A Jaguar wedding limousine

In keeping with tradition the Brides arrived separately at The Wedbarn, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire. Chantell arrived in a Black Jaguar limousine. But it was Lisa that arrived first with her brother (who had the honour of giving her away). Lisa stood at the top of the aisle in her beautiful ivory wedding dress looking nervous and emotional… desperate to see her Bride. Chantell arrived minutes later and was escorted by her proud step Father up the aisle to offer her hand in marriage to Lisa. 

I stood with the celebrant Sonia, my Canon 5Dmk4 wedding camera with a Prime L lens on board to capture the arrival of the two ladies in this same sex wedding and ‘hand fasting’. Sonia, the celebrant, led a loving and light hearted wedding service, with the words written by these two Brides to each other, celebrating their own love story of their days as a (gay) same sex couple on the road to matrimony.

A wedding breakfast cooked in a wok with a flame or two

The bridal couple had planned a wedding breakfast cooked to order by Temujin, specialising in endless Mongolian Stir-fry, The wedding guests were treated to show cooking in a wok with flames ‘a leaping’ during the cooking process. I shot lots of images of the wedding guests waiting and watching as there wedding banquet was cooked in front of them to order. 

Two Brides, two speeches, cake cutting, and dancing

The cutting of the wedding cake was a small part of the celebrations which followed the wedding speeches by both Brides. This was all photographed throughout, naturally and without interruption. I just observed and captured the day as it unfolded into a fun and fantastic same sex wedding, capturing all the details in raw image files. These to be delivered back to the two gay brides as high quality J peg image files after they have been edited for colour control, image quality, prospective, sharpness with adjustment as necessary to produce the perfect photographs for the wedding couple. 

The DJ and dancing was a great end to the wedding day. I love to get in on the action on the dance floor with my camera, add some flash to the DJs lights to freeze the dance floor action. Or drag the shutter to produce those light trail dance photos. Have look below to see the results of my wedding party photography.


A image featureing a table decoration for two ladies same sex weddingTwo a gay wedding sign on the wall at the yorkshire venue the WedbarnA photo of a sign at the reception for a same sex ladies wedding offering free beer to their guests. A white wedding gown hanging on the door in a black and white image.Bridal preperations Hair and makeup for one of the brides in this fun same sex wedding featuring her wedding gown hung up beside her in a black and white image.A dress in the mirror with a reflection of the bride and her makeup artist in bridal preperations.The joy and emotion as the wedding flowers are dilivered by the florist for the big day.Tears of joy as Chantell hugs her Mum before she put on her dress .The mother of the other Bride Lisa's Mum helps Chantell get ready for her daughters big day in a gay wedding ceremony.Contemplateing her journey to becomeing legaly married as a same sex couple which became law in July 2014 captured naturally looking into the mirror in her room. The First wedding guest arrive enjoying a welcome drink before the Bridal party arrive.Adding the finishing touches to her dress.Silouette image Chantell putting her beautiful individual white wedding gown on for the ceremony, kept secret from their future partner in life, until the time they met at the top of the aisle at their wedding.Final check of the dress before the wedding limonene takes her to the venue. Something old something new something borrod something blue adding a old broach to Lisa.s dress.Lisa holding her bridal bouquet as shes escorted by her brother to offer her hand to Chantell.Chantell looking beautifull at the top of the aisle, with her dad looking at her new life partner waiting for her with the celebrant.Tina the celebrant greeting the girls about to say there wedding vows and join together in a now legal same sex union of marridge.Tears of joy for Mum in the tying of the knott for Chantell & Lisa.A speech read out by the brides brother with the happy couple in the background of this image.A wedding hug as Mum & Dad look on as the celebrant leads the hand fasting.A wedding guest in big blue hat.Do you take this woman to be your wife wedding vows being said with a love heart on the wall in the background out of focus.Two Bridal bouquets as the couple look into each others eyesSigning the marridge certificate with the witnesses.The meeting line as guest line up to say congratulations.A totally unposed wedding image in full colour taken at this Yorkshire venue Wedbarn,Same sex wedding photography Yorkshire natural LGBT wedding photographyTwo brides in the picture greeting a wedding guest wearing a gay pride badge to support same sex weddingsSame sex wedding photography Yorkshire A image in black & white for the couples album featuring them in a country lane in Yorkshire after their wedding.Leading lines to the two legaly married ladies.Bridal portrate A fun image of the formal photos being taken in the backgroundThe staff at Temujin cooking the wedding breakfast for the waiting guests in the cooking woks with flames leaping into the air.A toast to the newly weds in the speeches The evening reception starts with a fun wedding joke from 1 bride in this photo.All their friends supporting gay pride and LGBT weddings look on as the girls dance at their wedding.The first dance of two openly gay ladies now legaly married thanks to a change in the law to allow same sex marridge passed by Parliament in July 2014. 

LGBT weddings became legal in on 13th March 2014

All the photographs are natural and un staged. Producing unposed documentary wedding photography for the newlyweds to enjoy. long after the changes to legislation have be forgotten about. LGBT- Same-sex marriage in England and Wales was passed by the Parliament in July 2013. It came into force on 13th of March.The first same sex wedding was held on the 29th of March 2014.

If you are planning a LGBT wedding please get in touch to see if I am free to be your wedding photographer. More of my totally unposed weddings can be seen here in my blog, want to know about my style or got any questions please have look at my questions and info page. Or just contact me I would love to here from you.





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