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Wedding photo journalism in Manchester| Photographer Simon Croot answers questions

What is offered in your wedding photography package ?


The standard photography starts around 2/3 hours before the ceremony; this is usually plenty of time to take some nice relaxed images of your bridal preparations with your bridesmaids and family – all of course natural and unposed.


I will then photograph (often discreetly) working in the background taking natural, candid imagery as your day unfolds.


At some convenient point, I advise you to enjoy a short break with your new partner. Take a ten-to-fifteen minute walk where you can relax together. I will follow along shoot relaxed, unposed snapshots around your venue with some greenery or focal points to add to the photography. The package concludes half an hour after your first dance: 9 pm at the latest. If you want me to stay later to cinematise your guests celebrating and dancing the night away, please ask me at the booking stage; photographs at this point can look like, they have been painted with light as the DJ’s disco lighting is etched onto the cameras image sensor. We can talk about such plans near the time of your big day – I am flexible so please ask.

Do I have spare photographic equipment ?

In my equipment bag, I have two professional, full-frame Canon camera bodies – ensuring I have a back up cameras. Moreover, I have a range of Canon professional ‘L’ prime and zoom lenses; this is most important as it enables me to cope with low-light situations and negative weather. Furthermore, I have plenty of memory cards and spare batteries.

Am I insured ?

I have a full Professional wedding photographer insurance and Public liability.

How long after our wedding before we receive our photographs?


You will receive your photographs at around 4 to 6 weeks after your wedding (but this is a rough guide). Rest assured quality is paramount: therefore, I will not compromise the quality of the images to get them to you quickly but it does depends on how many weddings I have done prior to yours.

Do I take group shots?

Yes of course I do! Group shots are a important part of a photographic wedding package. I do try to limit to about 12 because they interfere with the flow of the wedding day as the intension of my photographic style is natural documentary wedding photography. 'Documentary photography is a straight-forward, true and a representation of people, places and events'.

What if I feel camera shy?

My style of photography helps to overcome this. Just forget I am there and remember to talk, have fun and relax. I will guide you at the start of the day or when necessary. On a personal note, my wife says that I am difficult to photograph - this is probably because I don’t really like being photographed. Therefore, I do understand how you might feel! However, just go with the flow of the day; often the best photos are those that are taken when you don’t even notice!

How many photographs will you receive?

You will receive at least 300 images but usually a lot more. Each photograph will be individually edited by me personally - to produce the best possible image.


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