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One of the wooden walkways featured in this image over the waters at Compstall in Stockport.

Engagement photography Etherow Country Park

Etherow country park is located on George street in Compstall. This is between Marple Bridge and Romiley in Stockport. Because its early November, it is a beautiful time of the year, Autumn. Yellow leaves on the trees, fallen leaves lying crisply on the ground, these elements make a beautiful photographic background for Sarah and Ron’s engagement photography. The couple have their wedding planned for early next year, Sarah was looking for a natural documentary style photographer.

Every exposure I took here at Etherow country park is 100 percent unposed. This is key to a natural wedding or engagement photo’s, with or without flash. The most important thing is the photographer does not interfere. He just just observes, allowing the moment to develop. Exposing the cameras sensor with correct shutter speed, aperture, with ISO holding the exposure triangle together.

Compstall country park

This photogenic country park was once the site of a cotton mill owned by the Andrews family. It was granted country park status in 1968, one of the first in the UK.  Compstall is now home to Etherow sailing club. The Etherow model boat club sail here.  ‘Stockport & District Anglers’ Federation fish here. You have to be a member to fish for the large carp, or shoals of bream.  A canal style backwater with 120 pegs to chose from.

Engagement photography with background and foreground

The mix of winter light, water reflections, dappled shade from the half bare autumnal trees brought me to Etherow Park for a engagement shoot. Ducks are here for the children to feed my favourite duck, the photogenic mandrake. Foreground to background subject matter here, with the yellow’s of the fallen leafs. Contrasting the evergreen trees and shrubs in the background. Add a couple into the exposure mix, with the foreground and background subject matter. Walk away with a portfolio image. I hope you like my images from this engagement shot.


Feeding the Ducks on Our Engagement shootThe Engaged couple feeding one of the 200 birds at Compstall stealing the bag of bird treatsA romantic stroll for the engaged couple with Etherow model boat sailing clubs boats in the foreground of the photo in the background the car park access by George street in Compstall villageFeeding a Swan with Etherow Country park cafe in the background in the imageYellow leaves on the trees, fallen leaves lying crisply on the ground, show in this photo featuring Susan & RonA low angle shot featuring the Autumn leaves on and of the trees at Etherow Country ParkA natural black and white couple portrait image image taken at Etherow country park.A photograph featuring the meny colours of autumn taken with the dappled light coming throw the trees.A full colour spectrum image taken in the Compstall Country park.Foreground autumn shrubs background in this image a young couple in love.Etherow lodge in the background, once the supply of water to the Andrews Mill at Compstall.A day out caught naturally to camera as the couple enjoy their engagement shoot at Etherow Country Park StockportLove and romantic embrace in the woods over the Etherow waters in the country park.This Black and white image is taken near the ancient coal mine at Comptall country park. throw the treeA photo taken with a fixed prime lens featuring a couple on their engagement shoot.Photo taken near the start of The Goyt Way, which is a 10 mile walk to Whaley Bridge, From Etherow Country ParkMy favourite duck, the photogenic mandrake featuring in this image Taken at Etherow Country ParkA bridge over the waters at Etherow Counrty park in the foot hills of the Peak District National park.Natural monotone image capture near the Etherow valley water wire.Children love the Country park, a small child in a bright pink suit passing the engaged couple captured totally naturally to camera in Etherow country park.A hint of photographic flash in this couple portrait in full colour captured near the river Goyt at Etherow Park.The Future bride and groom near the river Goyt on their engagement shoot at Etherow Park.A Portrait image under the tree canopy at the Etherow Country Park. It was established in 1968, making it one of the oldest country parks in England.A truly stunning image of the woodland trees and autumn leaves in this image by Simon Croot Manchester wedding photographer.


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“A Photograph captures a moment in time, and holds it still forever”


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