Beautiful natural Manchester wedding photography.

Documentary wedding photography Manchester

Documentary wedding photography is an art and is here in front of your eyes on my Manchester featured wedding page. All delivered back to my couples as a high-resolution J peg image in high-contrast black and white or full colour. Most importantly long after the ink of your marriage certificate has dried, my documentary style photography will be there to share with your children and your children’s children. Held still in a digital image file for you and your partner to treasure forever.

Documentary wedding imagery true representation of people

Documentary photography a true representation of people, places and events. Nothing is posed or staged; apart from your group shots, which will be the only time when I will ever ask you to ‘say cheese!’. When a lensman interferes in a moment, it effects you – the subject – and makes the photo not as real or true as it could be: that’s why I don’t do it. I observe and look for little stories that all join together to become the pictorial record of your wedding.

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