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Stockport Town Hall wedding photography | Sarah & Ron

Stockport Town Hall, designed by Sir Alfred Brumwell Thomas in 1905 oozing Edwardian elegance, feartureing the newly weds in a black and white image.Stockport Town Hall wedding Photography

Sarah and Ron live in Stockport. Just a short drive to their wedding venue on the A6. Wedding photography at Stockport Town Hall, designed by Sir Alfred Brumwell Thomas in 1905 oozing Edwardian elegance. A picture perfect backdrop for wedding photography. I had photographed the couples engagement shoot in a country park in Stockport a few months earlier.  It was now the betrothed’s wedding day. location the photogenic Stockport Town hall. Hundreds of wedding civil ceremony’s are held here at this key landmark in the borough of Stockport. A fantastic venue for beautiful wedding photography. Where brides and grooms can tie the knot. Say “I do”,  get married, or just get hitched!. Officiated by Stockports civil registrar in the stunning grade two listed building. Sarah and Ron had chosen the Council Chamber at Stockport Town Hall as their ceremony room.

Wedding photograher Stockport Town Hall  “The Wedding Cake”

Wedding photographer at Stockport Town Hall a Grade II listed building, affectionately known as the Wedding Cake. Housing seven locations for a wedding ceremony in one civic building. As you enter Stockport town hall there is the stunning marble staircase. Made from imported stone from Sicily at the turn of the century. Perfect for a bridal portrait photography, a romantic couple shot illuminated with a hint of camera flash. Sarah & Ron had asked for couple portraits here, after they had the said their wedding vows and signed the marriage certificate. There are severn other rooms here for civil weddings or partnerships. Henry Bell room, Robert Hyde Room, Sir A Brumwell Thomas room, The Council Chamber, The Committee Suite. and the Ballroom.

Photographing bridal Prep and ceremony at Stockport Town Hall.

I arrived at bridal prep, wedding camera in hand. Sarahs house was in Stockport. Situated 2 miles from Stockport Town Hall, on a beautiful sunny day in February. My camera bag stuffed full of photographic equipment. Prime lenses, my full frame wedding camera, flashes, memory cards and batteries. Bridal prep was in full swing, the make up artist already doing the brides hair.  photos all unposed, never interfering  just observing photographing as the girls enjoyed Sarahs bridal preparations. The Brides Ivory wedding gown, two bridesmaids dresses hung in the sunlight. Perfect for some arty black & white wedding photography.

Wedding guests photographed on the marble staircase to the Council Chamber

Wedding guests photographed arriving at Stockport Town hall on the A6. Photographed walking up the twin marble staircase to the Council Chamber. A semi-circular ceremonial room with a high domed ceiling and four stained glass windows. Oak seating and a double aisle, a picture perfect photogenic location. Sarahs father proudly escorted his daughter to give her hand in marriage. Ron was waiting for her to walk down the aisle in the Council Chamber. My style of wedding photography captured all this to camera. No stopping to interrupt your day. Just get married and leave the natural wedding photography to me. Wedding photography with no interruptions at all. 

Button holes corsages fascinators hats and wedding photography

Wedding photography, a way to preserve the Images of floral button holes for groom and best man. Corsages of the Mother of the bride and bridesmaids. Matching colours and floral room displays.  All toning with the colours of Stockport Town hall Council Chamber. A wedding photographer can preserve these details forever in your wedding photography. 

I featured these in the wedding photography as the groom waited for his wife to be. Colourful wedding outfits with matching hats on display. Plus the mother of the bride in her purple feather fascinator. After the vows were said the couple signed of the register. A certificate of marriage was handed to the newly weds. leaving Stockport Town Hall on a new journey in life together as man & wife. Wedding photography gold, I took hundreds of photos documenting the wedding day story to the cameras memory card. Once edited in lightroom, these will produce stunning wedding photography, delivered to the couple to treasure forever as a visual legacy. Their own wedding photography at Stockport Town Hall.

Romantic walk up the A6 in Stockport to cut wedding cake

Sarah and Ron left the stunning Stockport Town Hall – also known as the wedding cake. A romantic walk up the A6 to the Masonic Hall and their wedding breakfast. I followed capturing natural frames of photography and some wedding portraits for the wedding album.  Rons Mum was in her element as she presided over the wedding cake cutting and sharing out wedding cake to all the guests, all home made fantastic. The first dance was sung to the couple by Rons older brother with his guitar, live wedding music. Dance floor action followed, in the evening reception. The DJ spinning hit record after hit record as this Stockport wedding party rocked into the night.

The makeup artist adding the brides eye lashes in bridal preperations taken with a Canon 85mm prime 1.4 l lens.The bridesmaids in the foreground  the bride checking in her dress before the big reveal. Taken with a Canon 24-70  f2.8 Zoom l lens.A colour photo fun and laughter and bucks fizz to get the celebration underway.A black and white image showing the brides feather neck scarf matching her ivory dress.Wedding gifts for the bridesmaids a eternity love bracelet.A wide angle photo as the bride is helped into her ivory lace wedding dress.Natural wedding photography, as Sarah prepares to be given away in the walk to change your life. to her  lover and new life partner Ron.Guests arriveing at the Council Chamber in the grade 2 listed building Stockport Town Hall.The groom haveing his button hole fitted in the ceremony room by his sister wearing a red fascinator and matching wedding outfit. The Groom and his best man with the oak benches in green leather seating in the background at Stockport Town hall Council chamber.The floral display of wedding flowers in the forground of this colour image, with a nervous groom waiting for the bridal party.A photo showing the semi-circular ceremonial room with a high domed ceiliing as the Groom waits for the bride to walk down the aisle in mono tone. oozeing love, as she sees her man for the first time in her wedding gown.The saying of the vows do you take this man to be your lawfull wedded husband ,I do. The registrar leading the wedding ceremony at Stockport town Hall.The father of the bride looking dapperin his suit, giving his daughters hand in marridge away to the groom.Mother and father of the bride in the background watch their daughter say her vows and become legaly married. The maid of honour with tears of joy as her best friend gets hitched.The witness signs the registrars wedding register and the couple get their marriage certificate.Congratulation huggs for the new married couple the brides brother embrasees her new married sister.  The moment when the couple are pronounced man and wife by the celebrant in Stockport Town Hall.The newly weds walking down the double marble staircase made fron Sicilian marble in 1900 from the civil wedding ceremony.Fasinators and matching wedding on show as the guest recive the newly weds in a reciveing line after they became man and wife. .A black and white couple portrate by Manchester wedding photographer Simon Croot taken at Stockport Town Hall.The bride carrying her wedding bouquet to her reception escorted by her new husband on the A6 in Stockport.The wedding dress with a train behind the bride as they walk up the A6 in Stockport to the wedding breakfast reception.A kiss for the bride carrying her colourful floral bouquet from a young flower girl.Wedding Champagne as the guests toast to the couple at the wedding reception at Stockport Masonic Guildhall.A beautifull bride outside with leading lines to her bridal dress train outside her reception at Stopckport Masonic Guildhall.Mother and Father of the bride grab a selfie stick photo, with a bouquet thrown to the bridesmaids. .Anounced into the wedding breakfast by the wedding coordinator.Father of the bride delivers his speech.The best man dilivers his speech to the top table of guests.Wedding guests and friends enjoy a wedding toast to the new happy couple.A matching wedding outfit and feather fasinator the mum of the bride looks stunning.Wedding guests enjoy wedding cake.The couples first dance with live wedding entertainment.Dancr floor action as the DJ spins the discs and grandma dances with the bride and groom.Flash photography on the dance floor at Sarah & Rons wedding in Stockport.Disco lights in this photo that the shutter was dragged to produce a light trail image at the wedding reception.

Thankyou Sarah & Ron for asking me to be your Stockport Town Hall wedding photographer. Bellow links to your wedding album in my clients gallery. Like my wedding photography, take a look at my wedding blog for more of my work. I would love to your wedding photographer. Contact me to see if  I am free to your wedding shutterbug.

“A photograph captures a moment in time, and holds it still forever”.

About the Simon the photographer.

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    Queen Hotel-wedding-photographer| Rachel & Ben

    Queen Hotel wedding photographer.

     Wedding photography in Cheshire at the Queen Hotel Chester

    The Queen Hotel is on City Road, Chester in  Cheshire, just a short drive from Manchester. With my camera bag of prime Canon lenses and plenty of memory cards, to store all the fantastic images I knew this wedding would bring, I set off with my fellow wedding  photographer David Stubbs. We were to meet the bride, Rachel in her suite in The Queen Hotel, which was overlooking the courtyard and the awe-inspiring Baltic Exchange Gardens. A great location for some outdoor unobtrusive wedding photography later in the day.

    Wedding photography at Queen Hotel Cheshire does not get better than this!

    The blushing bride was with her bridesmaids in her suite on the second floor. On our way to meet her, we ascended The Queen Hotel’s magnificent photogenic staircase. It was a stunning location, with timeless ambiance, to capture Rachel a short time later, descend to the wedding ceremony. A beautiful bride in elegant white lace wedding gown, bathed in the natural light from the roof light combined with the incandescent light from the chandelier.

    It was bright and sunny day, no need for high ISO camera settings. Plenty of natural light streaming through the windows to give images life and depth. As the bridesmaids & Maid of Honour assisted Rachel with the bridal preparations for the big day, I photographed in my unobtrusive style without need for posing or to set up shots, just observing not interfering in any way… just natural images. Timeless, and full of emotion for the couple to remember for many years to come. One such image, captured when I spotted the brides elegant wedding gown hang up on named ‘bride’ clothes hanger, nearby a huge ornate mirror.

    The Marriage Ceremony and legal formalities outside in the sunshine at Queen Hotel

    After the Bride had tied the knot to Ben, her new husband and partner for their life journey together, the wedding champagne began to flow. Along with canape’s from the Queen Hotels kitchen, the guests relaxed outside in the courtyard of The Baltic Exchange Garden. The wedding singer; a solo artist, commenced the wedding entertainment, and the sun shone allowing plenty of  interesting natural light to take frame after frame of unobtrusive wedding photography.

    Time to change memory cards and batteries for the evening, in preparation for the wedding speeches, toasts and cutting of the wedding cake. Then, onto the wedding party dancing and celebrating the night away! Often, by now, the guests have forgotten I’m there as as a wedding photographer, they have got used to me being around, and this presents fun, spontaneous opportunities take images amongst the wedding guests, letting their hair down, celebrating the couples special day! At Rachel and Ben’s wedding celebrations, I captured one such fun and spontaneous moment, a favourite image of mine! Please see if you can spot which one it might be, from the gallery of images from this fantastic wedding.in Rachels Bridal suite, Make up artist applying her make up in the Queen hotel Chester  Our Bride Rachel's wedding gown hanging up looking elegant Unposed documentary wedding photograph of the bridesmaid helping the bride and sipping ChampagneMother of the BrideChief Bridesmaid looking out at the baltic exchange garden at the Queen hotel Chester Her best friend reading a wedding card to the bride "success in marriage is not finding the right person, but being the right person"A Young bridesmaid and Flower girl in the bridal suite getting a gift from the bride and Groom Rachel & Ben in the Queen hotel Chester 35 mm lens shot at f2.8 to let the light in of the bridemaid getting ready in the bridal suite in bridal preperations Handsome groom putting his wedding shoes on in Groom preparations with his Best Man The Groom tieing his cravat looking very dapperstunning image of the husband to be taken unposed in the Queen Hotel ChesterThe Vows Practice !.Do you take this man to be your lawfull wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death us do part. "i Do"Emotional laughter as the father of the groom and his son are together in the groom preparations black and white natural image of the groom having his botton hole fitted  The Flower girl having her nails painted ready for the ceremony hair and makeup finished in bridal preparations looking a beautiful bride, sunlight coming throw the window from the Baltic exchange garden Queen hotel Chester sipping the best wedding champagne in the bridal suite Queen HotelOutside the Queen hotel reflected in the window as Rachel the bride gets ready for her big day.the beginning of forever for the couple about to take the plunge into wedlock.The makeup artist starting to fit the Brides tiaras Beautiful wedding gown with train hanging up in the sunlight, the flower girl holding the bridal bouquet i the foreground we may not have it all together, but together we have it all lines in card given to the happy couples wedding day gifts The bride shareing the wedding day perfume just before she leaves for the ceremonya celebration of love and friendship shown here in the imagePreparing to declare my love for you amongst family and friends The bride practicing her vows as the chief brides maid lace's up the brides dress The blushing bride having her dress fitted by the Maid of Honour View in the mirror of the bride wearing her white lace dress for the first time in the queen hotel.Jimmy Choo wedding shoes being fittedBack of a laced up stunning bridal gownfitting the vail in the bridal suite in the Queen hotel ChesterBeing wished love, luck, and happiness as the bride checks her bouquetThe first reveal of her dress to her proud fathera Image of the whole bridal party before the walk down the staircase in the queen hotel for the wedding ceremony. Mother of the bride looking on. Brides maids laughing and giggling as they make there way down the huge stairway in the Queen Hotela walk to change you life as they make there way outside to the Baltic exchange garden the venue of the wedding service "Here comes the Bride"about to be showerd with love by her life love Ben as he waits for his Bride.saying the vows "I do" in the ceremony at the Queen HotelThe gathererd guest watch the wedding ceremony as witness's A special wish for a sweet couple from all the familey and friends  looking up the aisle as Rachel & Ben sign the register. and leave with the marridge certificateAerial view of the service in the Queen hotels outside court yardmarried certificate in hand they leave on life journey together wishing you luck love and happyness in your new life together as the guest greet the newlyweds and sip champagne and eat canapas, out side at the Queen Hotelyum delicious camape's from the Queen hotels kitchen My love for you will never grow old a moment caught naturaly & unposed outside the Queen hotel Wedding drinks and canapés being given to the young bridesmaid and Flower girl.A romantic walk of the newly weds,. hand in handHand in hand to the land of matrimony Ben & Rachel enjoy a short romantic walk Eat, drink, and be married the wedding party at the queen hotel in full swing. Danceing flower girl in the imageWedding singer entertains the outside party in full summer sun in the courtyard of the Queen hotelTrain of the wedding dress with elegant bridal slipper by Jimmy Choo left behindThe Happy couple hand in hand in the Baltic Exchange garden Queen Hotel ChesterA stunning image without the need for flash to enhance it a perfect exposure of the Bride and Groom Rachel and BenBlack and white image of the speech of the Groom Ben A toast to your love as the Best man responds to the Grooms speech, the mother of the bride laughting her sides off A photograph is moment in time frozen forever taken in the wedding breakfast room at the Queen Hotel ChesterDanceing the night away with the Brides father at the Queen Hotel.Fun couple danceing to the live band in the Queen hotelA high iso image with a hint of flash to give it zest, taken at evening reception wedding party of Rachel and Bens wedding a Image taken with flash and mixed with disco lights at the evening celebrations of Rachel and Bends weddin at the Queen hotel Chester The guests letting there hair down danceing with drinks on the dance floor.Cheers to the lovely couple a black and white unposed image at the Queen Hotel



    Looking for a wedding photographer

    If you are getting married at the Queen hotel and want unobtrusive documentary wedding photographer, please get in touch with me. Have o look at some of my other weddings on my weddings page.



    Here is the link to my contact me page.

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    • Sarah Fahy

      Wow these photos look fantastic!! Just what we’re looking for for our wedding! So glad we’ve booked Simon for our big day! 

    • Simon Croot

      Thankyou for your kind words

    Hyde Bank Farm Wedding Photographer | Michelle & Andy

    Hyde Bank Farm Wedding Photographer
    Wedding photography at Hyde Bank Farm, Stockport

    Wedding photography at Hyde Bank Farm a grade 2 listed farm building dating back to 1655. A wedding venue that was once a milk farm, and now a place to tie the knot in style. Michelle and Andy planned a 1920’s style wedding, and it was just that! I was delighted to be part of their wedding as a photographer at this wonderful venue called Hyde Bank Farm near Stockport.

    Bridal Preparations

    Michelle and Andy started their day with bridal and groom preparations at the pub located near Hyde Bank Farm Near Marple Stockport. The bride-to-be, and the immediate family, stayed here the night before the big day.  I arrived at 10am, to a beautiful bright summer’s day, the hair and make up artist was attending to the hair of the bride.  The formal attire and morning suits neatly hung up everywhere. I started taking images in my photographic style, unobtrusively documenting, moments of emotion and laughter in a relaxed way. Through the characterful windows of the inn, the stunning backdrop of Rolling green hills, trees and tractors, just like the one on the lawn at Hyde Bank Farm.

    A 20 minute trip to Hyde Bank Farm

    The 1920’s themed wedding, got underway with a 20 minute drive to Hyde Bank Farm in the wedding limousine, a vintage Rolls Royce. Stockport Wedding Cars provided a unique photo opportunity to shoot the vintage Rolls Royce taking Andy, the groom, and his best man to their venue. I followed in my car, photographing some lovely timeless images as the wedding car traveled to Hyde Bank Farm, situated on Oakwood Road in Romiley. My trusted Canon full frame wedding camera’s shutter was sending images to the memory card to document this happy couples celebration of love and friendship. The mother of the bride wearing a vibrant red wedding outfit and fascinator made for a stunning image. Before the couple took the plunge, their guests gathered outside on the lawns, that were once farm pasture. In the full September sun, the old red farm tractor which was parked on the lawn, made for good subject matter, allowing photographs of the children playing at ‘tractor driving’. The sunshine was magnificent, giving some wonderful lighting, from rim light to dappled light, flowing through the trees.

    The old Blackhurst’s Farm, now re named, Hyde Bank Farm was a fantastic wedding location.  The ceremony of solemn vows and giving and receiving  of rings, was held in what was once, the hay loft of the old farm. Here, Andy and his bride signed the registrar’s wedding certificate. Looking forward to life together, they romantically walked down the aisle hand in hand to the clicking of phones cameras, possibly to send images to Facebook.  So much confetti was thrown that it was hard to see the newly weds through my camera’s viewfinder.

    Later, the journey just begun, Michelle and Andy, went for a romantic evening stroll. I followed with a portrait 85mm lens onboard my trusty digital S.L.R.  I took some candid shots as they walked in and around the factory very close to Hyde Bank Farm, which makes paper tubes for the textile industry and a very interesting location to take some unique images.

    The celebrations ran well into the night at Hyde Bank Farm Stockport

    The evening photography ran well into the night at Hyde Bank Farm. It allowed me to utilise the natural light at the venue; to add that bit of ‘zest’ to the images with a touch of flash, and to freeze the dance action of the evening celebrations.  The music was provided by the The New York Brass Band, who commenced the evening reception by parading into the Ann Hyde suite at Hyde Bank Farm and finished long past 11 oclock, by leading a conga of wedding guests, to bring to end a fantastic wedding knees up! Have a look at some of the pictures of this great wedding venue.

    Beautiful flowers for the wedding day at bridal preparations before to journey to Hyde Bank Farm RomileyView from bridal prep room, rolling green hills, trees and tractors just like the one at Hyde Bank farm.Speeches gifts for the parents, and the Grooms wedding day cufflinks in a colourful image.Groom and his best man with pre wedding nerves before his big day, wearing his morning suit tying his cravat and fitting the button hole.Crisp white wedding day shirt and tie, with matching button hole to the bridal bouquet.one of the Ushers writing a congratulations card on your wedding day. written words in the card to our happy couple a celebration of love and friendship, for the life journey together Man and Wife.Groom in the mirror final suit and wedding tie fitting, taken with a canon 6d with a 35 mm prime lens unobtrusively.Black and white image of the practice reading of the grooms speech notes.Candid image in the bridal suite, the hair and makeup artist busy at work. Mother of the bride in large wedding hat and fitting her corsage.Bridesmaid helping the bride into the white lace 1920’s style bridal gown.Fitting the veil on the blushing bride Michelle before the wedding car arrives to take her to Hyde Bank Farm.The bride with her bouquet and her father escorting his daughter to the wedding nuptials at Hyde Bank Farm The Bride holding her flowers, going for a pre ceremony drink to calm the wedding day nerves. Before the journey to Hyde Bank Farm Romiley in the vintage Rolls Royce from Stockport wedding cars.Wedding bells.Wide angle photograph of the pre ceremony drinks the betrothed Michelle and her proud father ready to give his daughters hand in marriage to her soul mate in life Andy.Last minute nerves and a final check of hair and makeup as the bride waits for the wedding limousine to take her to Hyde Bank Farm in RomileyHand in hand with her father to the wedding car a vintage Rolls Royce decorated with a silk ribbon in the bridal colour scheme featuring beautiful wedding flowers in the posie of flowers.Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death us do part. "I Do." The vows.Inside the vintage Rolls Royce wedding car. The bridal bouquet looking beautiful in her hand, her engagement ring glinting in the light. A 20 minute journey to the wedding nuptials at Hyde Bank Farm in the Rolls Royce.Wedding guests in formal attire and morning suits waiting for the start of the civil ceremony in the Ann Hyde suite once a hay loft at Hyde Bank farm a Grade 2 listed building. Mother of the Groom and Grandma of the Groom wearing two large fascinators wearing beautiful flower corsages inside the Ann Hyde Suite of the old Blackhursts farm, now renamed Hyde Bank Farm.Final check of the train of the dress before they walk down the aisle to her Groom in waiting, Andy. At Hyde Bank Farm.A walk to change your life, Michelle and her father walking down the aisle, ready to give his daughters hand in marriage away to her new life partner. View in the service saying the solum vows, taken from the back of the ceremony room the Ann Hyde Suite at Hyde Bank Farm.Signing the register of marriage after the wedding ceremony at the hay loft in Hyde bank Farm.The Registrars wordsI pronounce you Man and Wife.Bride with flower girl in the old Hyde Bank FarmToast to the newly weds as they sip reception champagne to her newly married grandsonToast to the happy couple, Champagne in flutes in the Ann Hyde suite Hyde Bank farm taken unposed and naturallyHyde Bank Farm Wedding PhotographerThe Rolls Royce wedding limousine, with back drop of Hyde Bank farm and Mother of the BrideThe couple now Man & Wife, drive off in the wedding car to go on Honeymoon up Oakwood road, and past Hyde Bank Farm.Zoomed in on the groom looking dapper in his morning suit in the mirror of the wedding carWide angle shot of the grounds of Hyde bank farm the location for the formal photographs.Father of the groom enjoying the moment with the Ushers all in morning suits, wearing button holes and tie pins outside on the lawns at Hyde Bank Farmlarge gathering of the wedding guests sipping Champagne and a wedding sign pointing to the Ann Hyde Suite for the wedding breakfast.The tractor on the lawn at Hyde Bank Farm,in the background showing Bride in a flowing white wedding dress and vail blowing in the wind.mage of the Ushers, Page boy, Best Man, admiring the Grooms gold wedding band . To say to the world we two are one in marriage. The brides lace wedding gown with confetti all over itEmotional wedding guests at the joyful union of a Man and a Woman in wedded bliss. Page boy on bended knee, a unposed picture taken throw greenery , to fill the frame,I love you, Michelle gives Andy her new husband a huge cuddle on the grass at Hyde Bank Farm with the bridal bouquet high in the air.Romantic walk of the happy couple captured by 85 mm lens at f2.8 on the Grass, featuring beautiful wedding flowers in the bride hand.New wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand. “we two are one”Giggling bridesmaids watch the hitched couple in a cheeky snog kiss. captured to the memory card.Michelle and Andy under the bridal veil for a stolen kiss at Hyde Bank farmFathers speech at the wedding breakfast about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.Congratulations to the new life pair as the guests raise their glasses to toast to the newlyweds in their new life together.Father and Son in a Black & white image in the Grooms speech.Top table at the wedding breakfast The wedding witness to the marriage who signed the registrars register of marriage of the new life pair. Little flower Girl enjoying the big day, inside the Hyde Bank farm.The top table seating arrangement. for the wedding breakfast featuring Mother of the brides huge wedding fascinator in the foreground.The romantic walk of our Bride and Groom in some relaxed timeless wedding imagery.The couple in deep loving embrace, natural imagery by Simon croot wedding photographer.Natural unposed wedding photography in the golden hour the couple in beautifull photogenic lightingWalk in the romantic evening light to give depth and shadow to the wedding photography in a black & white picture at Hyde Bank FarmTwo Maids of Honour taken in a photo at a high iso setting to get the correct exposure on the cameras sensor. snapped throw the window wedding of the evening reception.The couples first dance with the wedding DJ’s lights.A high ISO image with a touch of flash to give the image some zest. featuring the parents dancing at the evening reception.Image of the evening reception entertainment The New York brass band and the bridal party parent dancing to the New York brass band.Wedding guest letting their hair down in the evening after a drink or two.High key image as Disco lights lighting up the dance floor at the reception before the couple leave for their honeymoon. The Conga, a image of the celebrations ending out side to a fan fare featuring the brides lace wedding gown at Hyde Bank Farm..She got her Man, married at last and owner of a wedding certificate, a final image of wedding photography at Michelle and Andys wedding at Hyde Bank Farm Romiley Stockport before they leave for a honeymoon. by Manchester wedding photographer Simon Croot

    Congratulations to Michelle and Andy. Enjoy your Honeymoon, Thank you for the privilege of being a wedding photographer on your special day,at Hyde Bank Farm a spectacular wedding venue.

    like my documentary photography..

    Or if you are getting married at Hyde Bank Farm,  please get in touch, on my contact page, to see if  I am availible to be your wedding photographer.

    My recent weddings are here in my Blog.

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    • Stewart

      Brilliant photos 

    All content is copyright to Manchester wedding photographer Simon Croot