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Stockport Town Hall wedding photography | Sarah & Ron

Stockport Town Hall, designed by Sir Alfred Brumwell Thomas in 1905 oozing Edwardian elegance, feartureing the newly weds in a black and white image.

Stockport Town Hall wedding Photography

Sarah and Ron live in Stockport. Just a short drive to their wedding venue on the A6. Wedding photography at Stockport Town Hall, designed by Sir Alfred Brumwell Thomas in 1905 oozing Edwardian elegance. A picture perfect backdrop for wedding photography. I had photographed the couples engagement shoot in a country park in Stockport few month earlier.  It was now the betrothed wedding day. location the photogenic Stockport Town hall. Hundreds of wedding civil ceremony are held at this key landmark in the borough of Stockport. A fantastic venue for beautiful wedding photography. Where brides and grooms can tie the knot. Say “I do”,  get married, or just get hitched!. Officiated by Stockports civil registrar in the stunning grade two listed building. Sarah and Ron had chosen the Council Chamber at Stockport Town Hall as their ceremony room.

Wedding photograher Stockport Town Hall  “The Wedding Cake”

Wedding photographer at Stockport Town Hall a Grade II listed building, affectionately known as the Wedding Cake. Housing seven locations for a wedding ceremony in one civic building. As you enter Stockport town hall there is the stunning marble staircase. Made from imported stone from Sicily at the turn of the century. Perfect for bridal portrait photography, a romantic couple shot illuminated with a hint of camera flash. Sarah & Ron had asked for couple portraits here, after they had the said their wedding vows and signed the marriage certificate. Seven other rooms here for civil weddings or partnerships. Henry Bell room, Robert Hyde Room, Sir A Brumwell Thomas room, The Council Chamber, The Committee Suite. and the Ballroom.

Photographing bridal Prep and ceremony at Stockport Town Hall.

I arrived at bridal prep wedding camera in hand. Sarahs house was in Stockport. Situated 2 miles from Stockport Town Hall, on a beautiful sunny day in February. My camera bag stuffed full of photographic equipment. Prime lenses, my full frame wedding camera, flashes, memory cards and batteries. Bridal prep was in full swing, the make up artist already doing the brides hair.  photos all unposed, never interfering  just observing photographing as the girls enjoyed Sarahs bridal preparations. The Brides Ivory wedding gown, two bridesmaids dresses hung in the sunlight. Perfect for some arty black & white wedding photography.

Wedding guests photographed on the marble staircase to the Council Chamber

Wedding guests photographed arriving at Stockport Town hall on the A6. Photographed walking up the twin marble staircase to the Council Chamber. A semi-circular ceremonial room with a high domed ceiling and four stained glass windows. Oak seating and a double aisle, a picture perfect photogenic location. Sarahs father proudly escorted his daughter to give her hand in marriage. Ron waiting for her to walk down the aisle in the Council Chamber. My style of wedding photography captured all this to camera. No stopping to interrupt your day. Just get married leave the natural wedding photography to me. Wedding photography with no interruptions at all. 

Button holes corsages fascinators hats and wedding photography

Wedding photography, a way to preserve the floral button holes for groom and best man. Corsages for Mother of the bride and bridesmaids. Matching colours and floral room displays.  All toning with the colours of Stockport Town hall Council Chamber. A wedding photographer can preserve these details forever in your wedding photography. 

I featured these in the wedding photography as the groom waited for his wife to be. Colourful wedding outfits with matching hats on display. Plus the mother of the bride in her purple feather fascinator. After the vows were said the couple signed of the register. A certificate of marriage was handed to the newly weds. leaving Stockport Town Hall on a new journey in life together as man & wife. Wedding photography gold, I took hundreds of photos documenting the wedding day story to the cameras memory card. Once edited in lightroom, producing stunning wedding photography, delivered to the couple to treasure forever as a visual legacy. Their own wedding photography at Stockport Town Hall.

Romantic walk up the A6 in Stockport to cut wedding cake

Sarah and Ron left the stunning Stockport Town Hall – also known as the wedding cake. A romantic walk up the A6 to the Masonic Hall and their wedding breakfast. I followed capturing natural frames of photography and some wedding portraits for the wedding album.  Rons Mum was in her element as she presided over the wedding cake cutting and sharing out wedding cake to all the guests, all home made fantastic. The first dance was sung to the couple by Rons older brother with his guitar, live wedding music. Dance floor action followed, in the evening reception. The DJ spinning hit record after hit record as this Stockport wedding party rocked into the night.

The makeup artist adding the brides eye lashes in bridal preperations taken with a Canon 85mm prime 1.4 l lens.The bridesmaids in the foreground  the bride checking in her dress before the big reveal. Taken with a Canon 24-70  f2.8 Zoom l lens.A colour photo fun and laughter and bucks fizz to get the celebration underway.A black and white image showing the brides feather neck scarf matching her ivory dress.Wedding gifts for the bridesmaids a eternity love bracelet.A wide angle photo as the bride is helped into her ivory lace wedding dress.Natural wedding photography, as Sarah prepares to be given away in the walk to change your life. to her  lover and new life partner Ron.Guests arriveing at the Council Chamber in the grade 2 listed building Stockport Town Hall.The groom haveing his button hole fitted in the ceremony room by his sister wearing a red fascinator and matching wedding outfit. The Groom and his best man with the oak benches in green leather seating in the background at Stockport Town hall Council chamber.The floral display of wedding flowers in the forground of this colour image, with a nervous groom waiting for the bridal party.A photo showing the semi-circular ceremonial room with a high domed ceiliing as the Groom waits for the bride to walk down the aisle in mono tone. oozeing love, as she sees her man for the first time in her wedding gown.The saying of the vows do you take this man to be your lawfull wedded husband ,I do. The registrar leading the wedding ceremony at Stockport town Hall.The father of the bride looking dapperin his suit, giving his daughters hand in marridge away to the groom.Mother and father of the bride in the background watch their daughter say her vows and become legaly married. The maid of honour with tears of joy as her best friend gets hitched.The witness signs the registrars wedding register and the couple get their marriage certificate.Congratulation huggs for the new married couple the brides brother embrasees her new married sister.  The moment when the couple are pronounced man and wife by the celebrant in Stockport Town Hall.The newly weds walking down the double marble staircase made fron Sicilian marble in 1900 from the civil wedding ceremony.Fasinators and matching wedding on show as the guest recive the newly weds in a reciveing line after they became man and wife. .A black and white couple portrate by Manchester wedding photographer Simon Croot taken at Stockport Town Hall.The bride carrying her wedding bouquet to her reception escorted by her new husband on the A6 in Stockport.The wedding dress with a train behind the bride as they walk up the A6 in Stockport to the wedding breakfast reception.A kiss for the bride carrying her colourful floral bouquet from a young flower girl.Wedding Champagne as the guests toast to the couple at the wedding reception at Stockport Masonic Guildhall.A beautifull bride outside with leading lines to her bridal dress train outside her reception at Stopckport Masonic Guildhall.Mother and Father of the bride grab a selfie stick photo, with a bouquet thrown to the bridesmaids. .Anounced into the wedding breakfast by the wedding coordinator.Father of the bride delivers his speech.The best man dilivers his speech to the top table of guests.Wedding guests and friends enjoy a wedding toast to the new happy couple.A matching wedding outfit and feather fasinator the mum of the bride looks stunning.Wedding guests enjoy wedding cake.The couples first dance with live wedding entertainment.Dancr floor action as the DJ spins the discs and grandma dances with the bride and groom.Flash photography on the dance floor at Sarah & Rons wedding in Stockport.Disco lights in this photo that the shutter was dragged to produce a light trail image at the wedding reception.

Thankyou Sarah & Ron for asking me to be your Stockport Town Hall wedding photographer. Bellow links to your wedding album in my clients gallery. Like my wedding photography, take a look at my wedding blog for more of my work. I would love to your wedding photographer. Contact me to see if  I am free to your wedding shutterbug.

“A photograph captures a moment in time, and holds it still forever”.

About the Simon the photographer.

Full wedding Gallery link




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    Wedding photography slideshow delivered what happened next !

    Here is a short post on how I produce a wedding gallery and music slideshow for this wedding. In part of this process, I produce a short highlight film set to music – this wedding photography slideshow is only three to four minites long and it is full of joy and emotion from their wedding day. I delivered it to my clients, but what happened next was a surprise. My Clients actually filmed themselves watching their slideshow for the first time and emailed it to me back in Manchester. A fantastic endorsement to add to my wedding photography business. Here is the short film.



    Black and White wedding photography


    Photographers first job producing a back up copy

    As a wedding photographer, my first task in dealing with your precious wedding photos, is to produce a back up copy of the image files from my cameras SD and CF cards. My camera has two card slots to save each shutter activation, both cards simultaneously back each other up in case of failure. These cards are first backed to my remote hard drive for the journey home from your wedding venue. This hard drive/digital image gallery is capable of storing thousands of photos in the format of raw Canon CRO data files.

    Three copys of your wedding image files to my home studio in Manchester

    I now have my wedding cameras SD and CF cards in my pocket with the images on. I also have the images safe on the hard drive in my car boot before I head home to Manchester. Thats now three copys, I normaly do most of this while you enjoy your wedding breakfast. Once I’m at home and in my studio, I then plug the hard drive into my photo editing computer and let it back up again while I get a good nights sleep.

    Photo Mechanic to Adobe’s lightroom in the culling stage.

    The day after the wedding, I will look at the images and cull the images to find all the keepers in photo mechanic – a speedy image viewer and digitol file re naming software. These photos files are all still large and uncompressed raw data for ultimate quality. Lightroom takes over from here for the editing process. I will then personaly ajust the exposure and colour temperature. Along with doging and burning the highlights and shadow areas in each image, I like adding my unique image colour profile too. The images are now ready for delivery.

    Delivery of Images to clients gallery plus a musical slideshow.

    In my photography package, I offer free download of your wedding photography from my private clients image gallery. I also supply a slide show set to your favourite music track. Personally its my favourite part of the wedding edit, I love music, the best part for me is setting these beautiful images to your chosen music choice.  I always deliver my slideshow first then following this, I release the password for the private image gallery for the couple to download there wedding photography.

    What came next was a surprise!

    Sometimes you don’t hear anything from your clients, sometimes you do, but most importantly, I want my clients to be delighted with their wedding photography. I always contact the newlyweds to check they have downloaded their photos, and if they had watched their slideshow. To my surprise, they said no as they were very busy at work, and that they were planning to watch it at the weekend.

    A few days later, after delivering the slideshow, the suprise arrived! Chantell and Lisa had kindly sent me this short film, which is featured for you to view. They had filmed themselves and their reaction to my wedding photography slideshow as they watched for the first time. I think it says it all. Please contact me to see if I am free to be your photographer, I would love to hear from you.



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      Same sex L.G.B.T. wedding photography Yorkshire

      A full colour photo featureing two gay brides in the Yorkshire countryside.

      A short drive from Manchester to a same sex, wedding in Yorkshire

      A short drive for me from Manchester over the M62, to Chantell and Lisa’s same sex wedding Sowerby Bridge Yorkshire. I recall the day that I was contacted by Chantell and Lisa, when they enquired about my availability to photograph their wedding.

      Wow …what a breath of fresh air they were! These ladies were excitedly planning their same sex wedding, now having the freedom to do so along with others in the LGBT community since the dawn of marriage equality. The words ‘marriage equality’ refers to a status in which the marriages of same-sex couples and the marriages of opposite-sex couples are recognised as equal by the law. 

      The words ‘wedding’ and ‘marriage’ embraces ‘love’, and the fact that two people love and respect each other and promise to devote themselves to each other regardless of their sexual preference is a good thing. Oh.. and on a lighter note, one of the best days of their life. A day when newlyweds share wonderful things together such as; a champagne reception with friends and family along with a wedding breakfast and evening reception party of their own design. 

      Double Bridal preparations at a wedding

      The double bridal preparations were at a local B & B. 

      Here below, are some of the fantastic image files in ‘mono tone’ (black and white) and also in full colour. 

      The two Brides had separate rooms, keeping their bridal preparations hidden from each other. Their beautiful individual ivory wedding gowns kept secret from their future partner in life, until the time they met at the top of the aisle at their wedding ceremony. 

      Chantell is herself a Wedding Celebrant, and because of this she was personally able, along with her future wife, to write the words, vows and promises of the wedding ceremony. Therefore their words for their wedding ceremony were lovingly crafted together by both Brides. Of course Chantell could not conduct her own ceremony, so the proudly gay couple employed the services of Sonia to officiate and conduct the ceremony for them. 

      A Jaguar wedding limousine

      In keeping with tradition the Brides arrived separately at The Wedbarn, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire. Chantell arrived in a Black Jaguar limousine. But it was Lisa that arrived first with her brother (who had the honour of giving her away). Lisa stood at the top of the aisle in her beautiful ivory wedding dress looking nervous and emotional… desperate to see her Bride. Chantell arrived minutes later and was escorted by her proud step Father up the aisle to offer her hand in marriage to Lisa. 

      I stood with the celebrant Sonia, my Canon 5Dmk4 wedding camera with a Prime L lens on board to capture the arrival of the two ladies in this same sex wedding and ‘hand fasting’. Sonia, the celebrant, led a loving and light hearted wedding service, with the words written by these two Brides to each other, celebrating their own love story of their days as a (gay) same sex couple on the road to matrimony.

      A wedding breakfast cooked in a wok with a flame or two

      The bridal couple had planned a wedding breakfast cooked to order by Temujin, specialising in endless Mongolian Stir-fry, The wedding guests were treated to show cooking in a wok with flames ‘a leaping’ during the cooking process. I shot lots of images of the wedding guests waiting and watching as there wedding banquet was cooked in front of them to order. 

      Two Brides, two speeches, cake cutting, and dancing

      The cutting of the wedding cake was a small part of the celebrations which followed the wedding speeches by both Brides. This was all photographed throughout, naturally and without interruption. I just observed and captured the day as it unfolded into a fun and fantastic same sex wedding, capturing all the details in raw image files. These to be delivered back to the two gay brides as high quality J peg image files after they have been edited for colour control, image quality, prospective, sharpness with adjustment as necessary to produce the perfect photographs for the wedding couple. 

      The DJ and dancing was a great end to the wedding day. I love to get in on the action on the dance floor with my camera, add some flash to the DJs lights to freeze the dance floor action. Or drag the shutter to produce those light trail dance photos. Have look below to see the results of my wedding party photography.


      A image featureing a table decoration for two ladies same sex weddingTwo a gay wedding sign on the wall at the yorkshire venue the WedbarnA photo of a sign at the reception for a same sex ladies wedding offering free beer to their guests. A white wedding gown hanging on the door in a black and white image.Bridal preperations Hair and makeup for one of the brides in this fun same sex wedding featuring her wedding gown hung up beside her in a black and white image.A dress in the mirror with a reflection of the bride and her makeup artist in bridal preperations.The joy and emotion as the wedding flowers are dilivered by the florist for the big day.Tears of joy as Chantell hugs her Mum before she put on her dress .The mother of the other Bride Lisa's Mum helps Chantell get ready for her daughters big day in a gay wedding ceremony.Contemplateing her journey to becomeing legaly married as a same sex couple which became law in July 2014 captured naturally looking into the mirror in her room. The First wedding guest arrive enjoying a welcome drink before the Bridal party arrive.Adding the finishing touches to her dress.Silouette image Chantell putting her beautiful individual white wedding gown on for the ceremony, kept secret from their future partner in life, until the time they met at the top of the aisle at their wedding.Final check of the dress before the wedding limonene takes her to the venue. Something old something new something borrod something blue adding a old broach to Lisa.s dress.Lisa holding her bridal bouquet as shes escorted by her brother to offer her hand to Chantell.Chantell looking beautifull at the top of the aisle, with her dad looking at her new life partner waiting for her with the celebrant.Tina the celebrant greeting the girls about to say there wedding vows and join together in a now legal same sex union of marridge.Tears of joy for Mum in the tying of the knott for Chantell & Lisa.A speech read out by the brides brother with the happy couple in the background of this image.A wedding hug as Mum & Dad look on as the celebrant leads the hand fasting.A wedding guest in big blue hat.Do you take this woman to be your wife wedding vows being said with a love heart on the wall in the background out of focus.Two Bridal bouquets as the couple look into each others eyesSigning the marridge certificate with the witnesses.The meeting line as guest line up to say congratulations.A totally unposed wedding image in full colour taken at this Yorkshire venue Wedbarn,Same sex wedding photography Yorkshire natural LGBT wedding photographyTwo brides in the picture greeting a wedding guest wearing a gay pride badge to support same sex weddingsSame sex wedding photography Yorkshire A image in black & white for the couples album featuring them in a country lane in Yorkshire after their wedding.Leading lines to the two legaly married ladies.Bridal portrate A fun image of the formal photos being taken in the backgroundThe staff at Temujin cooking the wedding breakfast for the waiting guests in the cooking woks with flames leaping into the air.A toast to the newly weds in the speeches The evening reception starts with a fun wedding joke from 1 bride in this photo.All their friends supporting gay pride and LGBT weddings look on as the girls dance at their wedding.The first dance of two openly gay ladies now legaly married thanks to a change in the law to allow same sex marridge passed by Parliament in July 2014. 

      LGBT weddings became legal in on 13th March 2014

      All the photographs are natural and un staged. Producing unposed documentary wedding photography for the newlyweds to enjoy. long after the changes to legislation have be forgotten about. LGBT- Same-sex marriage in England and Wales was passed by the Parliament in July 2013. It came into force on 13th of March.The first same sex wedding was held on the 29th of March 2014.

      If you are planning a LGBT wedding please get in touch to see if I am free to be your wedding photographer. More of my totally unposed weddings can be seen here in my blog, want to know about my style or got any questions please have look at my questions and info page. Or just contact me I would love to here from you.




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        Engagement photography Castlefield Manchester| Deborah and Dave.

        Under The Corn brook and Great Northern viaduct Castlefield

        Engagement photography in Castlefield Manchester.

        I met Deborah and Dave on a sunny morning in Castlefield, a inner city conservation area of Manchester. Deborah and Dave had never been to Castlefield before and planned to have lunch after the engagement shoot at Albert’s Shed, Dukes 92. Named after the Dukes warehouse lock, number 92 at the end of the Rochdale canal. The location for the engagement shoot was beneath the famous cast iron viaducts of Manchester Central station, that date back to 1848. The couple strolled around Catalan square. That enabled me to photograph the couple naturally and unposed before their wedding, which is planned for next year. I love the engineering and architecture in this area of Manchester. It’s one of my favourite locations for engagement photography, you can mix the photography with shapes, light and textures from huge victorian bridges and viaducts still carrying trains and metrolink trams in and out of the City of Manchester.

        If you are planning your wedding and looking for a wedding photographer in Manchester please do get in touch to see if I am available to photograph your wedding in my natural style.


        A kiss and a cudle under the Great Northern viaduct on the Marsh Brother engineers of Bakewell foot bridgesA romantic strol on the Whitby & Birds Merchants bridge in CastlefieldOn the Towpath on the Bridgewater Canal CastlefieldOne of the Bees in Manchester fetureing in engagement photographyA Black and white photo under the Great Northern Viaduct CastlefieldEngagement Photography in Manchester overlooking Castlefieldthe newley engaged couple overlooking Dukes 92 and Albert's Shed ManchesterA silhouette at the Castlefield basinUnder the Castlefield arches Engagement photography in ManchesterA new Diamond engagement ring on her finger in this photoHolding his love of his life and future wife to be.Enjoying the Manchester morning fun and laughter in the viewfinder.The couple in love an a romantic walk in the castlefield canal basin

        A Photograph captures a moment in time and holds it still forever

        If you would like to see more please go to my wedding blog. I am a natural wedding photographer bassed in Manchester, who love’s to cature weddings in a natural style unposed without interuption, to not spoil the flow of your day. Please get in touch with me, Its easy on my contact page, I will get back to you personaly, as soon as I can Thankyou.


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          Sale Town Hall wedding photography| Ruth & Stephen

          The first look as the Groom sees his Bride for the first time in her white wedding gown.


          Wedding photography Sale Town Hall

          I was delighted to be asked by Ruth and Stephen to be their wedding photographer at the ceremony to be held at Sale Town Hall, and to naturally capture their wedding at Trafford register office, in the heart of Manchester. The betrothed couple had planned a intimate family wedding to make it a perfect day. Featuring their own classic wedding limousine, the couple had planned a trip to a Showaddywaddy concert for the evening celebrations.

          I met Stephen and his best man before the civil service outside Sale town hall with his beloved classic Ford Cortina car which is affectionately known as ‘Peggy’ and is over 48 years old. Its gleaming blue paintwork coordinated with Ruth’s chosen bridal colour scheme, with the bridesmaids dresses and bridal bouquet.

          Father of the Bride escorts his daughter to the civil ceremony room

          The Bridal party arrived at Trafford Register Office and Ruth was escorted by her dear Dad to the civil ceremony room at Sale Town Hall. On the way, Ruth met the registrar to complete the formalities and take the walk up the grand town hall staircase to change her life forever and tie the knot to Stephen. It was all captured totally unposed in my style of documentary wedding photography. In the elegantly furnished civil room, the intimate ceremony culminated with the happy couple signing their wedding certificate, surrounded by their closest family and friends. Joy and delight in the air as they witnessed the newlyweds cement their love and commitment to each other! Erupting into laughter as Stephen waved his arms above his head triumphantly! Yeh!! He’d got his gal!!

          Confetti outside Sale Town Hall

          Ruth and Stephen’s excited young children were looking smart in their wedding attire and could not wait to get outside the fine architectural town hall building in Sale to throw confetti at the happy newlyweds!! Having a natural wedding photographer (like myself) means all those moments that happen – big or small – can be safely captured and given back to the happy couple as a mono-tone or colour image, documenting and telling their unique wedding day story, and ensuring that it can be treasured forever.

          The Nevison Inn and Showaddywaddy

          Ruth and Stephen planned their afternoon wedding celebrations, just out off Manchester along the East Lancs Road (A580) at the Nevison Inn. Here, at this quaint country setting the wedding party enjoyed wedding Champagne and drinks, delicious wedding buffet and of course.. cutting of the wedding cake. A traditional fruit wedding cake, made with love by Ruth’s Mum. Wow… it packed a punch, with quite a lot of wedding spirit to keep it moist.

          The newlyweds love Showaddywaddy! Stephen, a longtime fan of the group, upon asking Ruth to marry him, had shared his wish to combine their wedding day with their love of Showaddywaddy. His bride to be, ensured this wish came true and so…the happy couple sang and danced the night away at their concert in St Helens surrounded by their nearest and dearest!! A fabulous end to a very special and unique day!

          Thank you Ruth and Stephen for asking me to be your photographer, and for treating my family to a day that they thoroughly enjoyed. I loved being your wedding photographer and sincerely hope that you love the natural unposed wedding photography I have created for you.


          The Bride and Dad arrive at Sale Town HallThe Brides garter on showThe Groom with his best man before the wedding serviceThe Brides Father giving his Daughter away at Sale Town Hall Registry office.Hand in hand as they leave the wedding ceremony as Man & Wife.A first kiss for the newley weds at Sale Town HallHe Has married his true love Two become one at Sale Town Hall weddingA wide mono tone image in the ceremony room in Sale Town HallSigning the registras wedding register book at Sale Town HallAfter they became Man & wife taken in Sale Town Hall in a mono tone imageConfetti after the civil service outside Sale Town HallThe Bride with her parents after the wedding ceremonyLeaveing Sale Town Hall as Man & Wife in the Ford Cortina wedding carArriveing at the wedding reception in the Ford Cortina wedding carThe Ford Cortina wedding carThe Bottle of wedding Champagne being openedThe buffet celebrations at Ruth and Steve's reception at the NevisonCutting the wedding cakeEvening entertainment as the bride and groom dance the night away at ShowaddywaddyDanceing at Showaddywaddy

          Getting Married ?

          Do you want, natural unposed wedding images to treasure forever, please get in touch to see if I am free to be your wedding photographer.

          Like what you see, please go to my wedding blog.

          I would love to photograph your wedding, to find out more about me, Simon Croot Manchester wedding photographer visit my about me page




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            Another place, by Antony Gormley Crosby beech | Ruth & Stephen’s engagement photography

            Face to face with a statue of antony Gormley

            Another Place on Crosby Beech

            Another Place, an idea to test time and tide by Antony Gormley. Known to the locals of Sefton as the‘ Iron Men’ of Crosby beech, the statues are made from 17 varied body-casts of artist Antony Gormley. Each sculpture is standing in a similar pose with different tension or relaxation in their postures. Sited over 3 kilometres along the seafront and looking out over the horizon one kilometre into Liverpool estuary. All one hundred 650 kilograms cast iron figures, are a copy of the artists body just wrapped in cling film.

            Engagement photography “Another Place” Crosby beech Merseyside

            Ruth  – contacted me about the couples wedding this summer, and I was so pleased to be asked to be there wedding photographer.  The couple plan to marry at Sale registry office this summer. I thought about a location for there engagement photography. Not far from Manchester (just down the M62 north of Liverpool) are the cast iron statues on Crosby beech by Antony Gormley. This artist is also known for the Angel of the North in the north east of the country.

            “Another Place” engagement shoot

            The 100 statues on the beech are called Another place. Our meeting point for the engagement shoot was Mariners Road L23 6SX. The free carpark is very close to the Iron men of Sefton. I offer a engagement shoot as part of my wedding photography package –  they last about a hour normally – local to myself.  I will take some natural  informal photographs for you, and you can see how I like to work.


            Crosby beech sandunesfeatureing one of Antony Gormley 100 Iron men.On the promanade at Crosby beechLooking out into the Liverpool estuary with Gormleys Iiron men of Crosby beechA romantic natural moment Engagement photography on Crosby beech.Two hands one engagement ring and shells from Crosby beechBlack and white engagement photography at Another Place liverpool.Hand in hand on Crosby beechRuth and Steves engagement photograph taken with a Iron man of Crosby in the background.A monotone natural image taken at Another Place Liverpool.Another Place another iron man of Crosby in the foregroundA natural engagement shoot image on Crosby beech


             Getting Married ?

            like natural wedding photography, get intouch with me to see if I am available for your photographer. More of my work is here on my blog. Find out more about my style of afforable wedding photography. Please leave a comment bellow if you like what I do. Natural unposed wedding photography.

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              Asian wedding photography Manchester

              Natural Indian wedding photography at Shrigley Hall Poynton, Manchester Wedding photography in the mendap

              Wedding photography at every wedding is different; add the words, Asian wedding photography and it conjures up something totally different. Colourful Saris, Sriphal: Coconuts. Sangeet; henna bridal prep. Mendap; ceremony room. Jai male; the flowers. Aashirvaad; reception greeting line up. Vidai; the going away honeymoon.

              I will explain some stages of a Asian wedding. Traditions that originated from deep within the roots of the Indian continent of Asia. A comparison to British wedding tradition, with a short explanation and a naturally taken Asian wedding image. I was so pleased to be invited to photograph Jaya & Sun’s  wedding at Shrigley Hall, Poynton, Manchester. I was made to feel very welcome, with a invitation to wedding breakfast-Asian banquet and our very own Asian wedding photographers and videographers table.

              Ladies Sangeet; Bridal Prep

              Similar to a  bridal prep to which all the Brides family is invited. Sangeet begins with the bride getting her bridal mehndi  henna applied to her arms and feet. This takes a lot of time and the woman need to stay still until it dries out. People say that the darker the henna, the deeper the Grooms love is for the bride. It was a joy to see how different the Asian culture celebrates a wedding.

              After the henna has dried hair, makeup, and jewellery, the bide having the finishing touches in sangeet

              The Baraat; Arrival at the venue

              The Groom is led Asian style to the marriage venue in a procession known as the Baraat. A big drum or drums being played is the music of the day. Call it the wedding march if you like. The Groom arrives wearing a sahara and saafa. He is accompanied by family members, groomsmen, and friends known as baraatis. at every point there is a fun natural moments to photograph, perfect for my natural style wedding photography.

              Groom is led to the marriage venue in a procession known as the Baraat.

              The Mandap; The ceremony room or Church alter

              The mandap, a dome-like structure, (a open sided ceremony room) built at the chosen venue for the bride and groom, and their immediate family, the celebrant conducts the ceremony here too. The men sometimes give gifts, cash, clothes, or flower garlands. Next, the parents and the groom remove their shoes and enter the sacred space where a fire (called agni) is burning. The fire symbolises the height of witness.  A prayer is said for good luck and removal of obstacles for the couple and their families.The Bride and Groom in the mendap showing the ceremony celebrant in prayer and the agni fire pit.

               Jai mala; wedding flower garlands

              The jai mala is the bride and groom’s exchanging of flower garlands. Roses are normally used,  “Red is a very popular colour in Asian weddings.”  The Groom normally gifts the ride a mangal sutra necklace, roughly translated it means “an auspicious thread.” For the hasta melap, a knot is tied between a Groom’s scarf and the Bride’s sari by a female member of his family, usually his sister. The couple joins hands, and their physical joining by the scarf represents “a love that binds two souls for a lifetime.”

              A photo of the Bride giving the groom his Jai mala

              The aashirvaad; Reception greeting line

              The guest get involved! The aashirvaad is the blessing that you receive from your guests. Traditionally, the bride and groom would greet people at the mandap and gently touch their feet to show respect. These days, most couples just do a namaste and a bow.

              After the ceremony the couple greet their guests in the aashirvaad.

              Sriphal; Coconut

              The humble coconut in Asian, is known as Sriphal and translates to God’s fruit. Breaking a coconut symbolises smashing your ego and humbling yourself before God. The hard shell of ignorance and ego is smashed which gives way to inner purity and knowledge which is symbolized by the white part of the coconut. Normally they are decorated with beads and other colourful items, then smashed at different parts in the wedding.

              A photo of a decorated coconut; Sriphal and translates to God's fruit.

              The Vidai; Bouquet toss

              The vidai, is the “bride’s goodbye.” The bride and groom tossing the bouquet to bridesmaids waving goodbye with cheers from the guests, and escaping into their car for a night of newlywed bliss. A vidaai is different, its the most emotional part of the wedding. It symbolises the bride is leaving her family home to start a new life. Emotions runs high; they are mixed, happy, and sad all at the same time.

              Tears of sadness and joy in the Vidai.

              The Fun and games at a Asian wedding, Shrigley Hall Manchester

              There is fun and games too. One thing thats very different at Asian wedding is the ring giving, The couple are presented with a bowl full of milk, turmeric, rose petals and small metallic items, nuts, bolts etc. The bowl also holds their wedding rings. The bride and groom put one hand each into the bowl and search for each others rings. Mr & Mrs was another game at Jaya and Sun’s wedding. This tradition comes from the Bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding. This breaks the ice for the newlyweds. Natural fun wedding Asian wedding photography, from Shrigley Hall In Greater Manchester, 100 percent natural wedding photography, totally unposed. Please get in touch if you would like me to be your Asian wedding photographer.

              A photo of the bride looking in the bowl that holds their wedding rings. In the fun part of the wedding to allow the couple get to know each other.



              Natural Asian wedding photography, some of my favourite images from the day at Shrigley Hall.

              A view of the wedding Venue Shrigley Hall.The Bride waing in the Mendap before the ceremony begins.Ladies’ Sangeet in a monotone imageHair and makeup in the mirror Asian wedding bridal prep - SangeetA tray of red roses to complement the Jai mala.Waiting for the mehndi henna to dry, in bridal sangeet.The groom being drummed into the wedding venue, he is accompanied by family members, groomsmen, and friends known as baraatis.Traditional Asian wedding guestsDown the aisle to the mandap, for the ceremony.Happy wedding guests in traditional Asian dress Laughting at the Joota chupai, the slipper stealing game.A natural unposed wedding image, Asian photographers at work ! colour full sari'sThe Bride escorted to the mandap, a walk to change her life forever.In the mandap a paste of cumin seeds and brown sugar were crushed together and placed in a betel leaf; as the priest recited Vedic mantras,The Groom escorted by his sister.The cloth hideing the groom from the bride in the Asian wedding ceremony.jai mala is the bride and groom's exchanging of flower garlands. Black and white image of some young Asian wedding guests.Traditional red wedding outfit A view throw the window a candid unposed Indian wedding photo.Where are to Grooms slippers (joota chupai) game.The prayer to Ganesh under the mandap asks for the Hindu deity to bestow good luck and remove obstacles for the couple and their families.enjoying a traditional Asian banquet at a wedding.the priest performing the ceremony to the parents in the mendap.The Feet Puja.In the mendap before their daughter arrives, the Mother of Bride may feed him sweets as a welcome to marry her daughter.The priest recited Vedic mantras,the hasta melap, a knot is tied between a groom's scarf and the bride's sari by a female member of his familey, usually his sister. The couple joins hands, and their physical joining by the scarf represents "a love that binds two souls for a lifetime.”The couple catch eyes The wedding guests waiting for their turn in the aashirvaad.Cleansing Puja known as Punyaha. Water representing the sacred Ganga River is sprinkled on themselves and on all the things being used in the wedding as well as the place where the marriage will be performed.The newleyweds share their first Asian meal in the ceremony.Supprised wedding guests.A young Asian boy looking very dapper in his wedding tie.A Asian wedding snack shared.The bride in the background out of focus and three photos of there missing relatives in focus in the foreground.The agni is burning the fire symbolizes the highest degree of a witness. The prayer to Ganesh under the mandapA wedding gift for the GroomA romantic walk for the couple after the ceremony outside at Shrigley Hall, Asian Wedding Photography at Shrigley HallColourfull Asian wedding photography Manchester. Asian wedding photography By Simon Croot Manchester wedding Photographer. A tray of Coconut is known as 'Sriphal' in Sanskrit. Sriphal means God's fruit. So, coconut is essentially the fruit of the Gods. Breaking a coconut symbolises smashing your ego and humbling yourself before God.The vidai in Hindi, or rukhsati in Urdu, is vidaai is very different going away ceremony.the second change of Asian dress for the Bride and Groom pictured here infrount off Shirley Hall. A confettie canon in the reception.The couple is presented with a big bowl filled with milk, turmeric, rose petals and small metallic things like nuts, bolts and coins. The bowl also happens to hold their wedding rings. Wedding Fun Mr & Mrs game in the receptionThe couples first danceDanceing the night away.








              I would love to asked to be your wedding photographer, I am a experianced Asian wedding photographer. Get intouch with me find out how afforable I am. If you want to know more about Simon the photographer. Contact me to find out if ime free to be your Natural unposed photographer.  A big thankyou to David Stubbs for asking me to assist on the day.

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                Affordable wedding photography in 2017

                Affordable, natural Manchester wedding photography from 2017

                Affordable wedding photography 2017. Natural wedding photography on film from the last years weddings in the Manchester region, including a trendy tune! Every photography package of wedding imagery includes a slide show of your candid wedding photos set to your favourite music track for you to treasure forever.


                “A photograph captures a moment in time and holds it still forever.”



                Get in touch to see if ime available,  or want to know more about me. My wedding blog is where all my latest work is, got any questions about how I work, I have writen a few answers here.


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                  Affordable inexpensive Manchester Wedding Photographer

                  The wedding papperatzie caught this to the camera sensor, it will form part of a inexpensive photography package dilivered to the bride and groom , showing them hand in hand in love walking down a green track near their wedding venue.Inexpensive wedding photography in Manchester

                  When it comes to wedding photography, inexpensive and affordability are words that are often misinterpreted.
                  What does the word affordable mean? In some peoples minds it, can mean cheap; however, does cheap mean poor quality? Definitely not in my case! As a wedding photographer in Manchester, offering inexpensive and affordable wedding imagery below a ‘big budget’ photographers price.
                  Whats the difference in pounds sterling between myself and the price of other photographers?

                  We all have photographic equipment, but is there and difference between myself  and another photographer –  not really because cameras, lenses, flashes we all have them. I use the new Canon 5d mk4  – updated now from the 5D mk3. Furthermore, this is the most popular wedding photographer’s camera in the Canon line up. Nikon have the D4s or a Nikon D750. These are not budget cameras. Canon L lenses also are not affordable by most amateur or ‘Uncle Bob’ photographers. A single L lens can cost over £1700. Is that cheap or affordable? Not really. If you have just one, that is a substantial investment in photographic equipment. Most wedding photographers have at least three to four pieces of glass and a spare Camera body as a back-up too. I have two camera bodies: two Canon L zoom lenses; 24-70mm;  70-200mm and three Canon fixed focal length prime L lenses. These are all a substantial investment. Moreover, there are three flashes (lots of one hundred gig memory cards)  and camera batteries ect. These all add to the quality of the final images and of which, you buy into when you book me as a inexpensive or affordable Manchester wedding photographer.

                  Why am I classed as inexpensive? Well, I’ve even done a wedding for free, now thats affordable!

                  Why am I less expensive that others? I am competitive and in other words – I love what I do! Sometimes in summer (when I don’t have a wedding) I second-shoot for other photographers aswell.
                  As a result, I don’t have financially crippling overheads and thats why I make myself affordable. How good is my moderately priced photography? I will let my wedding imagery talk for me here, Please go to my wedding blog. All of my photos are all totally unposed and natural.

                  Regarding the subject of expense, I have even photographed a wedding for the unbeatable budget price ‘free of charge’. Admittedly it was for a family member; however, I did miss out on the wedding breakfast meal,champagne toasts and the free wedding bar. But I did diliver some stunning wedding natural wedding photography.

                  1000’s of RAW, Candid image files are edited and this takes time and time is money.

                  Candid- documentary photography is my photographic style. I make myself affordable because  “I love wedding photography” and its a pleasure to be asked to photograph a wedding. I don’t need to charge a ‘kings ransom’ to cover high overheads. However, it does take time in my editing studio and this does add to the final images production costs.  After the wedding, the 1000’s of raw image files have to be moved from the cameras memory card, to the editing suite. Most are thirty-five mega bits each and all of which are a lot of raw image data. This can take a hour or two when I come home from a wedding. This means that I can not go to bed till the image files are on the editing machine. After that has been completed, my back-up system will take the strain overnight so that I have the image’s safe in three, separate places just in case of loss. All of the raw, candid image files are then inspected by my personal eye. Later, all the ‘keepers’ go into photoshop and lightroom to be edited for colour correction, dodging, burning and cropping. This takes many hours and lots of cups of my favourite ‘Yorkshire Tea’.
                  The wedding images ,that I will return to you, will be high-resolution J peg images to be treasured for years to come. All this work is done without breaking the bank. This is leaving you with more of your budget to spend on that drink for your guests and sparklers at the end of the night.

                  Some of my favourite images from 2017

                  As 2017 draws to a close, here is my favourite wedding media in a slide-show. Thank you to all the Bride and Grooms for inviting me to your wedding ceremonies to use my photo-making skills.  Get intouch to find my availability in  2018-19,  I will focus on providing stunning, natural wedding photography plus value-for-money and affordability. No stopping to say “cheese”, just natural unposed, candid wedding photography by a wedding cameraman (or if you like) a shutter bug/camera operator with a love for printed, wedding media.


                  “A Photograph captures a moment in time, and hold’s it still forever,”


                  Visit my wedding blog here.



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                    Wedding Photography at Manchesters Novotel- Emma & Matt

                    Wedding photography at Novotel Manchester The Bride & Grooms ballon release in the garden at Novotel


                    Wedding photography at Novotel Manchester

                    Emma and Matt’s wedding day began with bridal preparations at Emma’s home, and was to conclude with celebrations at the Manchester Novotel in Worsely.
                    The bridal party began with the bride and bridesmaids having their hair and makeup done, in the conservatory, with a few glasses of champagne or bucks fizz. Emma’s parents were definitely enjoying the atmosphere. I was there with my trusted Canon full frame 5dMk 4 to document the day from start to finish. There would be no posing or set-up shots; just natural documentary wedding photography. The girls finally helped Emma into her beautiful fishtail gown.

                    Documentary wedding photography in Manchester

                    Documentary wedding photography is all about telling the story of the day. A white Rolls Royce arrived to transport the bridesmaids through the Manchester rain. Whilst my fellow photographer David Stubbs – who had asked me to assist him – awaited for their arrival at St John’s Baptist Church in Little Hulton Manchester, I captured on camera the father of the bride escorting his daughter from her home, as a single woman, for the very last time.
                    The ceremony went off without a hitch; candid wedding photography is all about telling the story of the day, and all the key moments of the day were safely stowed onto my camera’s memory card.

                    The Journey to Manchester’s Novotel

                    As the new Mr and Mrs set off to the reception at the Manchester Novotel, we pulled over to capture some natural, unposed photographs of the couple taking a short informal walk – just pure documentary photography as they wandered along the towpath of one of Manchester’s canals.

                    Arrival at the Novotel reception in Manchester

                    As the newlyweds were greeted at their reception at the Worsley Novotel by family and friends, all great photographs were taken in my style of documentary wedding photography. Furthermore, the couple had a giant balloon release planned. The wedding entertainment was a Laurel & Hardy duo performing magic show with general fun and games.

                    The Bride taken naturally in a black and white image before she puts on her wedding gown.The Bride brings her dress out for the first time caught naturally in documentary photographic image.The bride leaving the house as a single woman for the last time. next time she returns she will be a married woman. The Chauffeur escorts the bride to the wedding transport a Rolls Royce in the Manchester rain.The arrival at the Church for the ceremony greeted by her bridesmaids sheltering her from the Manchester rain with umbrellasAt the church entrance, Emma and her bridesmaids before she walks up the aisle escorted by her father to give her away to her love MattDocumentary wedding photography the Bride and Groom in the ceremony, just before the exchange of vows.The Bestman hands the ring to the vicar in the wedding ceremony a natural documentary black and white image.saying there vows "do you take this man to be your lawfull wedded husband "Now Man and wife the newlyweds walk out holding their marridge certificate, to prove that are now one.Wedding hats , fascinators , outside in the manchester rain to greet the newly weds outside the church.A confetti shower in the rain at St John the baptist church Manchester.A naturaly caught moment caught to the cameras memory card as the couple enjoy a short romantic walk near the Novotel Manchester.The Groom as he escorts his new love, along the canal towpath in his designer wedding suit.A moment caught documentary style as a wedding guest snaps a photo of the bridesmaid with her best friend Emma the Bride.A moment in photographic time caught as a image depicting laughter, crying & embarrassment in the wedding receptionAfter the wedding breakfast the groom delivers his speech as his new wife looks on.The parents of the happy couple enjoy the bastmans return speech.Colourfull wedding outfits 7 hats on display outside the Manchester Novotel before the newlyweds ballon release.Wedding photography at Novotel Manchester The Bride & Grooms ballon release in the garden at Novotel The wedding entertainment grabs laughter from the wedding guests outside at Manchesters Novotel by Manchester documentary wedding photographer Simon Croot.The wedding guest enjoy the emotion and champagne at the wedding evening reception.


                    Getting married at Manchester’s Novotel in Worsley

                    Thank you Emma and Matt for asking me to document your wedding and celebrations at the Novotel. If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer in Manchester, please get in touch to check my availability. If you would like to know more about me or any questions about my style of photography please contact me.


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                      All content is copyright to Manchester wedding photographer Simon Croot