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The wedding papperatzie caught this to the camera sensor, it will form part of a inexpensive photography package dilivered to the bride and groom , showing them hand in hand in love walking down a green track near their wedding venue.Inexpensive wedding photography in Manchester

When it comes to wedding photography, inexpensive and affordability are words that are often misinterpreted.
What does the word affordable mean? In some peoples minds it, can mean cheap; however, does cheap mean poor quality? Definitely not in my case! As a wedding photographer in Manchester, offering inexpensive and affordable wedding imagery below a ‘big budget’ photographers price.
Whats the difference in pounds sterling between myself and the price of other photographers?

We all have photographic equipment, but is there and difference between myself  and another photographer –  not really because cameras, lenses, flashes we all have them. I use the new Canon 5d mk4  – updated now from the 5D mk3. Furthermore, this is the most popular wedding photographer’s camera in the Canon line up. Nikon have the D4s or a Nikon D750. These are not budget cameras. Canon L lenses also are not affordable by most amateur or ‘Uncle Bob’ photographers. A single L lens can cost over £1700. Is that cheap or affordable? Not really. If you have just one, that is a substantial investment in photographic equipment. Most wedding photographers have at least three to four pieces of glass and a spare Camera body as a back-up too. I have two camera bodies: two Canon L zoom lenses; 24-70mm;  70-200mm and three Canon fixed focal length prime L lenses. These are all a substantial investment. Moreover, there are three flashes (lots of one hundred gig memory cards)  and camera batteries ect. These all add to the quality of the final images and of which, you buy into when you book me as a inexpensive or affordable Manchester wedding photographer.

Why am I classed as inexpensive? Well, I’ve even done a wedding for free, now thats affordable!

Why am I less expensive that others? I am competitive and in other words – I love what I do! Sometimes in summer (when I don’t have a wedding) I second-shoot for other photographers aswell.
As a result, I don’t have financially crippling overheads and thats why I make myself affordable. How good is my moderately priced photography? I will let my wedding imagery talk for me here, Please go to my wedding blog. All of my photos are all totally unposed and natural.

Regarding the subject of expense, I have even photographed a wedding for the unbeatable budget price ‘free of charge’. Admittedly it was for a family member; however, I did miss out on the wedding breakfast meal,champagne toasts and the free wedding bar. But I did diliver some stunning wedding natural wedding photography.

1000’s of RAW, Candid image files are edited and this takes time and time is money.

Candid- documentary photography is my photographic style. I make myself affordable because  “I love wedding photography” and its a pleasure to be asked to photograph a wedding. I don’t need to charge a ‘kings ransom’ to cover high overheads. However, it does take time in my editing studio and this does add to the final images production costs.  After the wedding, the 1000’s of raw image files have to be moved from the cameras memory card, to the editing suite. Most are thirty-five mega bits each and all of which are a lot of raw image data. This can take a hour or two when I come home from a wedding. This means that I can not go to bed till the image files are on the editing machine. After that has been completed, my back-up system will take the strain overnight so that I have the image’s safe in three, separate places just in case of loss. All of the raw, candid image files are then inspected by my personal eye. Later, all the ‘keepers’ go into photoshop and lightroom to be edited for colour correction, dodging, burning and cropping. This takes many hours and lots of cups of my favourite ‘Yorkshire Tea’.
The wedding images ,that I will return to you, will be high-resolution J peg images to be treasured for years to come. All this work is done without breaking the bank. This is leaving you with more of your budget to spend on that drink for your guests and sparklers at the end of the night.

Some of my favourite images from 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, here is my favourite wedding media in a slide-show. Thank you to all the Bride and Grooms for inviting me to your wedding ceremonies to use my photo-making skills.  Get intouch to find my availability in  2018-19,  I will focus on providing stunning, natural wedding photography plus value-for-money and affordability. No stopping to say “cheese”, just natural unposed, candid wedding photography by a wedding cameraman (or if you like) a shutter bug/camera operator with a love for printed, wedding media.


“A Photograph captures a moment in time, and hold’s it still forever,”


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